Entrepreneurs Competition! Win ¶œ3000 For Your Business!

Working with businesses and sole traders across the UK and beyond, Trade Radiators understands the value of apprenticeships, both for apprentices and businesses. To show our support, we're offering £3000 towards helping a business take on an apprentice and grow. Having started out life as an eBay business operating out of a bedroom almost a decade ago, Trade Radiators is now a market-leading, multi-platform e-retailer. The driving forces behind the Trade Radiators brand are brothers James and Nicholas Auckland, who built the business from the ground up into the thriving operation it is today. Nic recalls the early days: "In the beginning, it was incredibly hard work and our days were so long that we hardly saw daylight! However, it got to the point where we needed to take on an employee to help us keep on top of the workload. The difficulty we had was having enough spare funds available to advertise and go through a proper interview process to make sure we got the right person for the job. Had we been given the opportunity of a more experienced company sponsoring and mentoring us, we would've made progress much quicker. Now we're in a position of experience and financial security, we can now offer a helping hand to an up-and-coming company in a way we would've liked, but never got, when we were in their shoes. And that's really the whole inspiration behind this competition." You can read further info on the history of Trade Radiators here. With an entrepreneurial spirit running right through our organisation, we now want to give you the chance of helping your business grow with our new Entrepreneurial Competition. In order to enter the competition, you are required to provide a short piece on how you feel hiring an apprentice would help to improve your business. Our judging panel will then select one winner to receive the award of £3000. The competition will be hosted on the Trade Radiators' Facebook page and will be launching Monday 15th July. Entries will be accepted until Sunday 11th August. Full competition details and terms and conditions are available at the Trade Radiators Facebook Page.
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