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Always keen to get our brand across to as many people and platforms as possible, we are pleased to announce we have started our own Trade Radiators Instagram account. We are often contacted by customers seeking advice on what sort of radiator or heated towel rail would suit their particular lifestyle or design tastes. We also get a lot of our customers wanting to show off their latest purchases from us by emailing pictures of their new rad or rail in situ. As a result we decided it would be a great idea to display some of these beautifully taken images on our Instagram account. Not only does it display the wide variety of rads and rails that we offer on our site, but it also puts them into context and shows potential customers what they look like in real life. Displaying these images publicly also gives people fantastic design ideas, which is particularly helpful if they are redecorating entire rooms. As radiators and towel rails are much more of a focal point of rooms than they used to be in years gone by, people enjoy seeing what other people have done with their own interiors and how they’ve incorporated a radiator. These showcased images will hopefully inspire many of you to select a bold radiator design and give you a helping hand with colours, textures and furniture to pair with them. We’d like to think that looking at these images will help you realise that there are many different types of radiator and you don’t simply have to stick with simple white convector radiators, though we do stock an excellent range of these. We hope you’ll be inspired to consider options like polished stainless steel towel rails, vertical aluminium radiators or even the old school traditional heated towel warmers, amongst many other options. Looking at our Instagram account should open up your mind to all of the radiator possibilities that we offer, enabling you to furnish your home with something truly spectacular. If you would like to send us a picture of your installed radiator or towel rail that you purchased from us, we’d be delighted to receive it at Feel free to include a couple of sentences about what room it’s in and what you like about it! Find us at Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLES • Interior design inspiration - Traditional Heated Towel Rails 9th Sep 2014  • Interior design inspiration - Column Radiators 4th Sep 2014  • Interior design inspiration - White Heated Towel Rails 21st Apr 2016   
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