Getting the Most Out of Your Radiator

Radiators really are the heroes of our homes, keeping us toasty as the all-too-often cold weather hits. Carrying out a few minor checks and adhering to a few tips can mean that your radiators stay in tip top condition, waiting for action!‹¯¨

1) Keep your boiler serviced:Servicing your boiler well before the cold months hit is advisable. It reduces the likelihood of your heating suffering a malfunction, leaving you and your family in the cold! Not only will servicing your boiler eliminate the likelihood of any technical problems, it will help save on heating bills and prevent costly repairs in the future.2) Bleed your Radiators: Trapped air is a radiator’s biggest problem. Bleeding your radiator eliminates the air in the system which limits the amount of heat that circulates. Bleeding radiators is done by using a bleed key, which is to be used when the heating is turned off. Simply bleed the system until the air has left the radiators and your home should feel warm in no time at all.

3) Invest in a thermostat: Thermostatic radiator valves are an incredibly efficient way of eliminating wastage. Once they have been fitted to your radiators, they work in the same way as a normal thermostat, sensing the heat in the room and turning the heat either up or down depending on requirements.

4) Smash that sludge: Are your radiators suffering from a common undiagnosed problem? Are they warm on the top and sides but colder in the middle and bottom? If the answer is yes, you could have a build-up of sludge. All you need to do to cure this radiator ailment is to flush the radiators out with a few basic tools.

5) Dust them panels: We dust other areas of our homes, but why do we neglect others, such as behind your radiators? Clean radiators work more efficiently, so by simply cleaning the dust away between the convection fins of the radiators you could be saving money on your bills.

6) Move the clutter: Household furniture such as beds, desks, sofas and curtains all absorb heat emitted from radiators, meaning there is less heat circulating around your room. Make sure your radiators aren’t blocked in to make the most of your heat. It’s a simple trick that is often ignored!


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