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We’ve previously given you a great how-to guide on fixing a broken radiator valve, so we thought it was only right to show off some of the great valves we have on offer as well. More and more we’re seeing our customers asking us about designer valves. Our range is full of high quality brass valves, both electro and chrome plated. All of them have very simplistic on/off operators and come as a pair. We also give you the option of getting some matching pipe sleeves to complete the look. Our black nickel valves are becoming very well liked with customers telling us how they have a much more trendy look to them. Some people are conscious of looking after the heating in individual rooms at home and we suggest you take a look at our thermostatic valves. Every complete set of two come with lock shields for added safety. We think they’re a great complement for any of our traditional radiators and also come with the option of getting some matching pipe sleeves to finish off the look. And don’t worry about the price. We pride ourselves on delivering you parts at the best prices. Our own brand white angled valves are a bargain at just £17.50. If you’re after parts that will show off your home, just look at some of our amazing traditional brass valves. Our period style valves all come with a 5-year guarantee and act as the perfect partner to any of our traditional radiators. We especially think the Belgravia Chrome set with their wooden handles are a thing of beauty. We guarantee our valves are the best value you can get on the market and with our 24 hour delivery promise it could be the right time for you to think of making a small, but brilliant change in your home. View our full range of designer radiator valves »» Article by Benjamin Clarke
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