How to keep bathrooms free from germs

With our increasingly busy lives, it’s very easy to not give the job of cleaning our homes the same priority as we might have done on years gone by. In the evenings or at weekends, it’s often tempting just to do the bare minimum so that we can get on and enjoy our precious free time, and there is no room where this rings more true than our bathrooms. However, with the right kind of products, keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic need not be a time-consuming and energy-sapping task. Wall hung products These types of products have become increasing popular in recent years because of their ability to look good and save a lot of space. Wall-hung toilets, sinks and vanity units don’t have dirt-attracting pedestals and they also make vacuuming and mopping incredibly easy too. Rimless products This is particularly to the toilet, where we have seen more and more use of a loo without a rim. Naturally, this reduces the surface area which provides less surfaces for dirt and germs to collect. Rimless toilets look great when they are wall-hung and give an even more streamlined look. Touchless products Anything that doesn’t require dirty and germ-laden hands to touch it in order to operate is always going to assist in the battle with cleanliness. Traditionally, touchless technology has been utilised in public washrooms, but we are now seeing more and more toilets and taps with sensors making their way into the domestic bathroom scene. Storage products Clutter in a bathroom is an absolute sure way of attracting dust, dirt and germs. It also makes the job of cleaning the bathroom that much more difficult as well. You may think it looks cool to have your fancy bottle of 100% Natural Hemp Body Wash out on display, but, especially in a small bathroom, it just makes otherwise empty surfaces look busy. House these bottles out of sight in under-sink storage, a vanity sink-storage combo or by making clever use of the area under the bath. Cut back on grouting White grouting looks great when a bathroom has just been freshly decorated, however, it quickly attracts dirt and can soon become discoloured, especially in damper areas around the shower and basin. Choosing large tiles, rather than the small mosaic ones, will cut down on the use of grout and grout lines and there is now the option of black coloured grouting, which is much less susceptible to discolouration and looks super stylish! There are also some behavioural traits and habits that you can incorporate into your ablution routine that will cut down on dirt. For example, many people just bleach the toilet, however it’s advisable to bleach taps, handles and door knobs as these are notorious for harbouring germs, yet often get forgotten about. A recent batch of research showed that large amount of microbes can float around the bathroom for as much as two hours after each flush of the toilet. For this reason, it’s advisable to close the toilet seat before flushing to avoid the potential ‘sneeze effect’ that can occur with particularly violent flushes. Finally and perhaps the most obvious one is to...wash your hands! By making use of modern furniture fashions, you can create really clean lines, the illusion of space and making your bathroom that much easier to keep clean. Couple this with some adjustments to your behavioural habits and you will have a bathroom you can eat your dinner off! Well not quite, but you get the point! Article by Benjamin Clarke
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