Interior design inspiration: Nordic ‘Hygge’

There's no literal English translation of the Danish word 'Hygge', but it roughly means a feeling of being in the moment and acknowledging that moment as cosy, contented, familiar and reassuring.

Hygge has become a bit of a lifestyle trend around the world and it's worldwide success has probably more to do with the work of clever marketing executives rather than genuinely replicating something recognisable to Danish people.

Hygge is essentially a feeling rather than something that can be boxed and sold. It's about simplicity and realising that what you are doing right at that moment is comforting and actually 'living life'.

However, mention the commoditisation of Hygge to a Dane and they'll tell you it's not something that can be sold. According to them, the moment you try and sell you something you don't need, Hygge loses it's meaning.

That being said, there are things that can help you to acknowledge the satisfaction of being in the moment.

A comfortable sofa, a nice warm radiator or a soft blanket are all things that make you stop and appreciate that life is good.

Below we share some rooms that radiate a sense or cosiness, warmth and comfort in the true tradition of Hygge.

A cosy living room with a duvet on the sofa | Hygge |

A stack of interesting books on a tabel with a candle on top in front of a white radiator - Hygge |

Some stripy throw cushions on a cosy but minimalist white bed with a radiator in the background - Hygge |

A cool white bicycle leaning against a white cast iron radiator flanked by nice green plants - Hygge |

A beautiful room with a freestanding bath, yellow sofa and tall vertical radiator - Hygge |

Two jugs of fruit juice in front of a nice bright window close to a radiator - Hygge |

A comfortable tabby cat squeezed into a small space between a radiator and a chair on a wooden floor - Hygge |

A modern art painting on an easel in front of a white curtain and chunky radiator - Hygge |


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