Keep Warm With Electric Panel Heaters This Autumn

It’s once again getting to that time of year where the wind is getting that bit stronger and the chill in the air makes you shiver again. When those rainy autumn days give way to cold autumn nights, it’s important to get your home warm nice and fast. Because we know how vital it is to get the room heated quickly, we have a great range of electric panel radiators for you to take a look at. It might be confusing trying to figure out which is best for you, so we’ve decided to break down the categories in helping you choose which is best suited for your lifestyle. A lot of customers go for our specialist panel heaters. There is a simple manually controlled radiator that is perfect for those who want to quickly heat a room to the right temperature after getting home. If you’re the kind of person who plans ahead though, you might want to think about getting one with a timer. They come with a special half-heat option that we recommend to those who want a heater they can use all year round. One thing everyone can relate to loathing is the unenviable trip from your warm bed to cold bathroom in the morning. We aim to put a stop to that with our absolutely beautiful range of heated towel rails by DeLonghi. These designer heaters are incredibly fast at heating the bathroom and can be remotely timed to be at the perfect temperature when you wake up. Our favourite feature is the drying mode that lets you hang your towel back on the rail after you’re finished in the shower. If you’re looking to add panache like this elsewhere in the home, we have a range of specialist heaters for every room. Each model has great aluminium front panels for rapid heating  any room. Whether you want the manual or digital model, we think you’ll really like the special night feature they both have. This allows for you let the heater run at a reduced temperature that saves on a lot of energy. With our aim to deliver any electrical radiator within 2 days of order and a 2 year guarantee on top of that, why not take a look at the range and save yourself from having to face another Autumn morning of begrudgingly having to leave bed. View our entire range of electic storage and panel heaters »» Article by Benjamin Clarke
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