Latest Product! K-Rad Compact Radiators

In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We've just added some absolutely classic radiators to our collection in the form of our quality Kartell K-Rad Compact Convector Radiators. This article takes a look at what's great about the convector radiators, as well as the options available on our website.
  • Stylish yet subtle
  • No frills versatility
  • Size and style options
  • High quality manufacture
  • Property development
  • Comprehensive guarantee

Stylish yet subtle

Whilst we often champion the option of making your radiators the centre-piece of the room, there is also the other side of the coin, whereby radiators can quietly and subtly do their job in the background with the minimum of fuss. The K-Rad definitely falls into the latter category and would make a fantastic addition to any living space.
Only great minds can afford a simple style. -Stendahl

No frills versatility

For many people, due to budgetary or style constraints, they simply want a good quality radiator that will comfortably heat their living environment when called upon and you cannot do much better than the K-Rad for this purpose. Not every radiator has to be an extravagant design or replicating a 5 star hotel and the Kartell range of rads provide function and efficiency in a way that isn't going to disappoint.

Size and style options

The K-Rad comes in over 200 different sizes, as well as having the options of single or double panels and convector fins. The smallest size is the single panel, single convector (Type 11)  300mm(h) x 400mm(w), which puts out 714 BTUs of heat. The largest in the range is the double panel, double convector (Type 22) 750mm x 1600mm, which emits a huge amount of heat at 11329 BTUs.

High quality manufacture

Manufactured from high grade steel and using the latest technology to ensure maximum heat efficiency, these very versatile rads are suitable for any room in your home and can fit in virtually any space you can think of.

Property development

If you have some properties you've intended to rent out to tenants or you've bought a house that needs complete renovation, then consider the Kartell K-Rad radiators. They are a superb choice if you're replacing all the radiators in your home because they're very affordable, give an impression of uniformity and are easy to fit into virtually any room.

Comprehensive guarantee

The K-Rads are the perfect choice if you want a simple and affordable option for replacing the radiators in your home, office or any other living space requiring heat. Their high quality build is evidenced in the comprehensive 10 year guarantee that comes with each of these radiators and we will deliver them free to any mainland UK address!

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