LATEST PRODUCTS! Apollo Aluminium Malpensa Radiators

We're very pleased to that we've added some incredibly stylish new designer radiators to our online catalogue, called the Apollo Aluminium Malpensa range. These beauties are available in a multiple variety of sizes, including horizontal and vertical orientations, so whether you're looking to fill a wide space or utilises an area going upwards, we've got you covered. The Apollo Malpensa radiators are manufactured from aluminium which is a very popular material in radiators manufactures. One of the biggest benefits of aluminium is that it is an excellent conductor of heat, meaning your radiators get up to temperature very quickly without wasting energy, making them an excellent choice for long term money-saving on energy costs. The Malpensa range comes in 3 distinct styles, all equally stunning and capable of providing a focal point to any room they're installed in. 1. The Malpensa Flat -  a more traditional flat panelled finish. 2. The Malpensa Curve - a stylish twist on the flat panel, with the front panels providing a gentle curve. 3. The Malpensa Wave - innovative, alternately curved front panelling proving an eye-catching 'wave' effect. View our full Apollo Aluminium Malpensa range here >> Apollo Malpensa Aluminium Radiators Apollo Malpensa Aluminium Radiators   Article by Benjamin Clarke
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