New report shows increased business for UK tradesmen

A recently-released report by the Screwfix Group has shown that UK tradesmen, which includes plumbers and heating engineers, are getting busier and busier schedules, suggesting things are looking good for professionals called out by homeowners. Of the more than 500 tradesmen surveyed, these are some of the interesting and eye-opening results that came back: 42% claimed to be ‘surprised’ by how busy they were 17% said they currently have more work than they can handle 58% expect their business to increase over the next year 38% have had more quotes that the same period last year 82% are working on a job with further work scheduled These figures show a real optimism amongst our tradesman in the UK and show that there is great potential for growth within the industry. With 1 in 5 tradesman saying they have more work than they can handle over the next 12 months, this is hopefully a sign that the current economic situation is improving, with more people willing to invest in projects and spending more money on their homes. Other surveys that have been carried out recently have also shown some positives figures and reasons to be optimistic within the trade. The Energy Savings Trust has estimated that homes in the UK could save as much as £5 billion per year just by making very small changes to the way their use energy and by investing in home renewables. It seems the public are open to having renewable energy systems in their house if conditions are right. Of 2000 homeowners surveyed, 60% said they would be interested in installing a renewable energy system (e.g. heat pumps and solar panels), provided they received income and savings of £750 - £1500 per year. Less positive were the figures that showed the Feed In Tariff (FiT) and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) schemes, were not very well-known amongst those who took part in the survey, even though these schemes are designed to help people invest in renewable energy systems. This shows that there is work to be done in educating the public on what options are available to them regarding renewable energy, but the fact that people are interested in installing these systems bodes well for the trades people who will end up carrying out this work. Article by Benjamin Clarke
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