Our Instagram Photo Comp is going strong!

  Entries have started flooding in since we started our Instagram photo competion, giving you the chance to win a £500 voucher for any of our radiators and heated towel rails on our website. Maybe you've just moved into a new house and the whole place needs new radiators, or maybe you've spent time decorating one room and realise that another room looks desperately in need of an update! Either way we're offering you the chance to win simply by taking a photo of your rads or rails and posting it on your Instagram account. HOW TO ENTER All you need to do to enter our competition is to follow these 3 simple steps: 1. Follow us on Instagram @TradeRadiators 2. Upload a photo of one of your radiators or heated towel rails on your Instagram account. 3. Tag it with #WeLoveRads and #TradeRadiators and explain in the caption why you want to win the £500 radiator voucher. You will automatically be entered and your Instagram photo will be displayed in the gallery on our Competition Page! Below are some entries that we've already received. See if any of the reasons for entering resonate with you!

"I would love to win £500 from #traderadiators as I have run out of money installing a new kitchen. #weloverads as you can see from my picture these radiators was both from @traderadiators Great service, fast on delivery, very helpful." - Tina

"Well this is embarrassing... We bought our first house and moved the same week our first baby was born. The bathroom just somehow became the most neglected room of them all, even though it is the most used. So although #weloverads we clearly need to win some new ones from #traderadiators @traderadiators because this one puts our house to shame!" -Everlastingbetatest

"@traderadiators #weloverads #traderadiatorsSo this is the radiator that was installed when we moved in. It's HUGE (size matters!) It takes up the whole wall. In fact, it gets so hot, we can't sit at the table to eat. So it's mostly turned off (and we all know turned on is MUCH better). Plus it was painted and the paint is peeling off. Argh!" - Bex

"#WeLoveRads #TradeRadiators I would love my radiators to match in style! 

I have a mix if old original radiators that were here when we bought the house and a few newer ones and the most recent is the bathroom towel rail.

They take up quite alot of wall the older ones especially so it would be good to replace them with some that look more modern & not so bulky & heavy." - Sally Ann
Full entry details and terms and conditions here >>   Article by Benjamin Clarke
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