Pensioners Miss Out On Winter Fuel Payments

Pensioners living in warm climates like Spain are receiving Winter fuel Payments as the Elderly in the UK are literally freezing to death in temperatures as low as -20°C. To add insult to injury old people in warmer European climates have seen their payments double in the last five years regardless on how rich they are or where they live.‹¯¨

We have seen payments in countries such as Portugal, Spain & Cyprus reach 13.4 million pounds a year compared to only 6.9 million in 2006 despite temperatures being recorded as high as 15% throughout the winter months.

Whilst the cold Weather is causing 26,000 deaths every year in the UK our government still pay £300 per year to expats living abroad in much hotter countries. This amounts to roughly 50 million pounds going to the hottest parts of Europe.

Lord Oakeshott of the Liberal Democrats said “It is a farce to be handing out winter fuel payment cheques all around the Mediterranean”

“The toast as they sip their sangrias in the sun at the Malaga golf club must be David Cameran & George Osborne”

Whilst the dept. of work & pensions defended the decision to send this money abroad by claiming the the person receiving the benefit qualified whilst living in the UK Lord Oakeshott challenged the benefit & called for it to be axed.


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