Positive outlook for the heating industry in 2015

Business looks set to boom over the next twelve months in the heating industry according to a new survey by Screwfix. The survey was participated in by over 500 UK tradesmen, which includes heating engineers, qualified plumbers and the results showed that they felt 2015 was going to be a bumper year ahead. Some interesting figures were: 61% of all plumbers and tradesmen who took part in the survey expected business to get even better in 2015. 80% reported they had enough work to keep them busy in 2015. (Interestingly, only 73% felt this way about the year ahead when surveyed in 2012). 39% said they are providing more quotes for potential jobs that at this time last year. 10% felt that their current workload was more than they could handle. The majority of those survey felt the general economy would improve in 2015. This kind of positivity among those surveyed is fantastic news for business and we hope that this optimism translates into reality in the months to come. Having a healthy heating industry is vital for the UK because of the importance keeping warm plays in all of our lives. It also bodes well for creating new employment opportunities as well as providing the public with quality expertise, customer service and value for money. Article by Benjamin Clarke
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