Radiators and Towel Rail Accesories

Please don’t forget that in addition to our fantastic range of low-priced radiators and heated towel rails, we have an accessories section that has a great array of optional extras that you may find useful for your bathroom or ensuite.‹¯¨ Robe Hooks For Heated Towel Radiators If you’ve ever wondered how to utilise the heat emitted from your heated towel rail for your clothes rather than just your towels, then we have a solution that is definitely worthy of your consideration. Our robe hooks slot neatly in between the bars of a heated towel rail to give you the option of hanging up something like a dressing gown or a bath robe. Why not put a shirt on a hanger and hang it on the robe hook to get the creases out? Our robe hooks are incredibly useful and can be purchased with a chrome or a matt white finish, depending on the style of your heated towel rail. Priced at just £25 a pair, a couple of robe hooks would really add that extra touch of style to your heated towel rail. Radiator Towel Hangers In our accessories section, we also offer the option of adding a towel hanger to your heated towel rail. Available in widths of 350mm and 500mm, the hangers again clip into the bars of your towel rail, providing you with another convenient way to hang wet or dry towels. With the radiator hangers, a wet towel can be dried whilst not stifling the heat given off from the radiator meaning you get a dry towel and a warm room! Enabling you to achieve that boutique hotel look, our heated towel rail hangers are priced from £30 and come in a high quality brilliant white finish or high specification chrome plating. Adding aesthetic beauty as well as convenience to your bathroom has never been easier. Chrome Towel Hooks Moving away from the heated towel rail accessories, we also offer more conventional yet high quality paraphenalia for your bathroom or ensuite. If you’re looking for a simple hook to hang your towels on then we have some options for you. Our chrome towel hooks are plated in high quality chrome and are incredibly easy to fix to your wall and come either squared or rounded so you can match them up with the profile of your heated towel rail. Priced from just £12 and with free delivery as always, these chrome hooks would look great in any bathroom. Square & Rounded Towel Hangers Similarly, we offer squared or rounded non-heated towel hangers, again with high quality chrome plating that are priced from just £31. These will match the hooks mentioned above and will match up with a rounded or square bar heated towel rail for a maximum stylised effect. If you are looking for a solution to hang your towels next to a sink or bath then our stylish towel hangers provide you with a great option to take into consideration. Please have a look at our accessories section and see if you can find something that you have overlooked in your bathroom and solve the issue by adding those finishing touches. All our products are delivered free to any mainland UK address and we aim to match the price if you find it cheaper elsewhere. ‹¯¨
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