The Top Radiators for Small Spaces in the Home | Radiator 13

13. Avon Anthracite Traditional Bathroom Radiator - 960 x 540mm

Avon Anthracite Traditional Bathroom Radiator. Add a contemporary yet traditional element to your small bathroom space.

If space in your small bathroom is so limited that you don't think you can squeeze in a separate radiator and towel rail, then consider this option that combines the two.

Incredibly stylishly designed, the Avon Traditional Radiator instantly adds character to any bathroom that it is installed in. This beauty would be enough to heat the room and the horizontal chrome plated bar at the top enables you to warm a couple of towels.

Traditional bathroom radiators are commonly white and chrome, however the anthracite tank on the Avon gives this design a contemporary twist, giving to a towel rad that is functional as well as great looking.