Small Businesses and Energy Efficiency

With the budgets being tightened and the legislation changing the European commission agency must up its game to abide by what governments want.‹¯¨

Vice president Antonio Tajani, of the European Commission has warned small businesses must do more to make themselves more energy and resource efficient, otherwise environmental policies will fail. Vince told the Gardian, “It is of huge importance that we bring small businesses forward in promoting green jobs, green products and services and in reducing their environmental impact. We cannot achieve our environmental goals without a strong focus on small and medium-sized companies.”

An in depth analysis of how smaller companies are affecting climate change and pollution targets has uncovered the following report.

According to a new survey from Eurobarometer, less than a quarter of European small businesses are “actively engaged” in trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Most of these businesses are making a conscious effort to opt for energy efficiency measures and they have begun to introduce “green” products or services to their consumers. Although this percentage represents a quarter of European businesses, more still need to come on board if any significant changes are to be seen.

Mr Tajani stated, the potential opportunities in green markets and in greater efficiency would benefit the EU economy: “[There is] huge untapped potential which will pay off with more innovation, more competitive SMEs and more jobs.” Being more eco conscious is becoming vital in today’s market and the scope for development and opportunities is vast.

The 23 million small companies in the region represent 99 per cent of all businesses and provide about 90 million jobs, these companies are responsible for nearly two thirds of industrial emissions. However in environmental policy, mainly climate change, they have frequently been ignored, as the focus of the last decade has been on persuading the largest companies to cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

Small businesses said they were taking action to use resources efficiently. More than 60 per cent of those surveyed said they were trying to save energy, minimise their waste or recycle and about half said they were trying to save water.

There are many different ways in which these SME companies can save energy with minimal effort. Simple changes like installing ECO radiators and investing in more efficient products reduce the companies carbon footprint dramatically.


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