The Defiance & Endurance of the Traditional Radiator

It’s funny how fashions can change so quickly and it’s often bewildering to see a style that was thrown onto the scrapheap and considered ‘yesterday’s news’ to suddenly be en vogue and everyones ‘must have’ item. The same is true in the murky and mysterious world of radiator design. The last decade or so has seen the rise of the designer radiator. Thin and sleek designs to fit in the stylish and modern home became incredibly popular. Black and silver radical designs that wouldn’t look out of place gracing a sanitary pod in the Starship Enterprise have been plentiful. Home interior magazines, TV programmes and websites have been full of recommendations for the ‘Top 5 Designer Rads For Your Downstairs Cloakroom’ and other such headlines, promoting urban living and open plan lifestyles in this exciting period of the early 21st Century. Not so long ago, the traditional cast iron radiator was effectively demoted to the same place as pink and green luminous socks, toasted sandwich makers and Babycham; gone AWOL, assumed missing in action, destined never to see the light of day again. But the old cliche of ‘what goes around comes around’ really comes into play here and the interior design gurus (and subsequently the general public) are clamouring once again for the lure of the past with the aesthetic beauty and charm of the trusty ol’ cast iron radiator. Well fortunately for these fickle detractors, has always been ahead of the game when it comes to matters of radiator fashion. Always confident that quality never goes out of style, Trade stuck with the cast iron rads through the tough times and has emerged out of the other side stronger and more emotionally conditioned to face a brave new world where the words ‘traditional radiators’ can be shouted from the rooftops without fear of persecution or retribution. From the high quality brilliant white finish of our classic column series, right the way through to the superb cast iron construction of our sought-after Kensington range, we have a fantastic variety of traditional radiators on offer, suitable for stately homes, office blocks, loft apartments and social housing. Never were we dragged down into the superficial mire of stocking only streamlined aluminium flat panels. Never were we quick to jump on the bandwagon of passing fads such as heated towel rails in the shape of Fender Stratocasters or Barbara Streisand’s nose. We held onto our beliefs, remained true to ourselves and refused to sell out to the corporate pressures we faced from all corners of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. And because of our defiance in the face of adversity, we are proudly able to bring to you, the British public, our fantastic and ridiculously low-priced range of traditional cast iron radiators. We thank you for joining us on this emotional journey. Article by Benjamin Clarke
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