The future looks bright for the solar industry

In a new report released by the Solar Trade Association, their analysis has found that the cost of Britain’s solar power will be cheaper than gas by 2018. The report is called ‘Cost Reduction Of Large-Scale Solar PV’ and is based on information received in a survey conducted on its member companies and their cost forecasts between now and 2030. Their forecasts suggested that, over the next 15 years, the cost of generating electricity from a 10 MW solar farm will fall much more sharply that was previously anticipated. The report also claims that getting electricity from solar power will be cheaper than burning gas by 2018, though this figure relies on the government providing consistent and stable policy support for solar energy. The Solar Trade Association was set up in 1978 and provides representation for the solar power and solar heating sectors. It has a wide range of members domestically and internationally and works closely with Government, providing specialist advice and generally being the main mouthpiece of the solar industry. If the conclusions of the STA’s report are correct, then the future of the solar industry looks incredibly ‘sunny, and will make interesting reading for anyone interested in solar energy, reducing carbon emissions and tackling climate change. Read the full STA report here: Cost Reduction Of Large-Scale Solar PV »» Article by Benjamin Clarke
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