The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund reopens

The GDHIF, which was closed in July due to huge amounts of applications has been reopened to new applications. It originally provided over 20,000 households with vouchers until the government withdrew it once the budget had been used up. However the scheme was reopened last month and households in England and Wales now have access of up to £5,600 to offset some of the costs involved with having energy saving measures installed. These include things like boilers and solid wall, cavity wall and floor insulation. In total, up to £30 million in vouchers is available as part of an overall budget of £100 million that was announced in October 2014 to go towards energy efficiency measures in households. £450 million has been allocated by the Government towards household energy efficiency between 2014 - 2017. The £30 million in vouchers will be split in two main areas. The first is for solid wall insulation, which has been allotted up to £24 million. The second area is up to £6 million for two types of home improvements that will be available from a list under the scheme. Once funds have been used up in each category, no more funds will be allocated for that category and no further applications will be accepted. With this latest release of funding, domestic energy customers can now receive: - Up to £4000 for the installation of solid wall insulation. - Up to £1000 for implementing two measures from the aforementioned list. These measures include things like fan-assisted storage heaters, condenser boilers and replacement warm air units. - Up to £100 refunded for the cost of the customers Green Deal Assessment and up to an additional £500 more if they are have bought a new home and apply within 12 months of the purchase. To apply for Green Deal funding, there is a two-step application process and the applicant will need: - A Green Deal Advice Report or Energy Performance Certificate that s under 2 years old. - A registered GDHIF installer or provider to have provided a quote for the work specified on the Green Deal Advice Report or the Energy Performance Certificate. The specified work must also appear on the list of approved measures approved by the GDHIF. - Proof of property ownership if the applicant is a landlord. Over 750,000 households have benefited from funds released by the Green Deal to have energy saving improvements installed in their homes. It is hoped that reopening the GDHIF will encourage consumers to apply, creating cleaner, greener and more efficient homes and resulting in lower heating bills. More information on the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) »» Article by Benjamin Clarke
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