The importance of heat pump maintenance

An often forgotten part of any central heating system is the heat pump, which performs the incredibly important task of heating the water to use in your home. Once a homeowner has gone through the expense of replacing an old heat pump, or having one installed for the first time, it’s easy to forget about it and think the matter closed until the end of time. It can therefore be quite difficult for plumbers to make customers realise that a heat pump is a component that can wear out over time just like any other part of their heating system. It’s fully accepted that a car needs to undergo maintenance on a regular basis, and we are starting to see the beginnings of this attitude permeating into gas boiler maintenance as well. However, the same cannot be said of heat pumps and the public’s awareness of them. A faulty, neglected or degraded heat pump can reduce the efficiency of a heating system by as much as 25%. Not only does this mean that a household will be paying higher heating bills, but it puts strain on other areas of the heating system, potentially leading to an expensive breakdown. It’s often the case that homeowners only realise how important a heat pump is to the inner workings of a central heating system once it’s too late and it has stopped working. It’s important for plumbers to get customers to understand that scheduling in annual maintenance of their heat pump is a good idea as it can ensure the smooth running of the system and act as a preventative measure against future problems. Many heat pump manufacturers include a ‘handover pack’ which explains about the workings of the heat pump, warranty details and also a yearly maintenance schedule. Installers should make sure customers are aware of the contents of the pack and also recommend that they set a reminder for the next annual maintenance check. This will demonstrate good customer service and help to prevent system failure further down the line - e.g. during winter when it’s needed most. It’s also worth pointing out that many warranties are invalidated if there are signs of a lack of maintenance. Letting homeowners know how important it is to have heat pump maintenance performed on an annual basis needs to be led by installers as this will help the reputation of the heating industry in general as well as helping the public to keep their heating costs down. Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLES • How keeping your central heating system healthy can save you money 9th Dec 2014  • VIDEO - Why adding inhibitor is beneficial to your heating system 19th Feb 2015  • How modern circulation pumps have improved energy efficiency 19th Nov 2015   
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