Our Top 5 Designer Radiator Animations

It can sometimes be difficult to visualise what a radiator might look like in reality, if you're simply looking at a flat image on a website. Of course, we make sure we include plenty of images from our customers who have taken a picture once our radiators have been installed in their homes. However, we also decided it would be really helpful to have full 360 degree animations of our radiators to help you make a decision based on the maximum information available. Not only are our animation helpful for you to picture what a radiator might look like in your living space, but they can also be helpful to your plumber, who will know exactly what radiator they are dealing with before they even start the job of installing it in your home! Below, in no particular order, are some of our favourite animations of some of our most popular radiators.

1. Apollo Monza Aluminium Column Radiators

If you aren't aware of the benefits of aluminium when it comes to radiator design, then you're missing out on a vital bit of knowledge! Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat. This means that when you switch your central heating on, aluminium radiators will get up to your desired temperature very quickly. Not only does this mean you'll feel warm faster on very cold days, but it also results in less energy being used to heat up the radiators, probably leading to a reduction in your heating bills when compared with radiators manufactured from other metals. These designer Apollo Monza aluminium rads feature an absolutely stunning design and are available in a wide variety of sizes in vertical and horizontal orientations. They're also available in 2, 3 or 4 column options, making it really easy for you to choose an aluminium radiator that looks stylish and is well-equipped to heat your room properly.

2. Quinn Designer Compact Type 11 Radiators

Who said radiators had to look as if they were designed by Phillippe Starck? Absolutely no-one and if you're looking for a classic white compact radiator that does it's job quietly and efficiently, then look no further. The Quinn range of compact radiators are a functional and effective choice that can subtly sit on your wall and do the most important job of heating your home. The Type 11 styling features a single panel and a single row of convector fins, making them perfect for very small or narrow rooms where you don't want the radiator sticking too far out from the wall. They are manufactured from the highest quality mild steel and feature a sophisticated top grill and smooth side panels, creating a nice profile and feeling of clean lines.

3. Stelrad Designer White Compact Radiators

Offering a slightly modern twist on the traditional white compact radiator, these Stelrad designer rads feature a distinctive deep, squared off groove into the front panelling. Great value for money and incredibly efficient, these compact radiators lend themselves particularly well to people needing a completely new set of radiators for their entire house, such as a property renovation or a buy-to-let project. The Stelrads are available in a massive amount of sizes as small as 300 x 500mm right up to a whopping 700 x 2000mm. They also come with a nice choice of single or double panels and convector fins, so no matter what size of room you need to heat, the Stelrad designer compact radiators will cater for every possible need.

4. Trade Direct Nevo Anthracite Radiators

Did you know that anthracite is the new black? It's a dark charcoal grey with a hint of silver sparkle and it's taking the interior design world by storm. A slightly subtler alternative to black, anthracite is a fantastic option if you're wanting to make a classy design statement in your home, which is why we have noticed it creeping into a lot of home makeover shows over the last couple of years. Rest assured, we've got anthracite radiators in lots of different styles, but one of our most popular is the super-stylish Trade Direct Nevo Radiator range. The Nevo rads have a sleek, flat-sectioned panel design contributing to a great sense of clean lines and contemporary living and are available in a huge range of sizes in horizontal and vertical orientations. The vertical Nevo Anthracite radiators are a particular favourite who want to make the most of upward space in small areas such as either side of a large feature window or in small kitchens that still require a large amount of heat. However, whatever your requirements, you're sure to find a single or double panel Nevo Anthracite radiator that will fit perfectly, look great and do the most important job of keeping your home cosy.

5. Trade Direct Classic Column Radiators

If you're looking for some radiators that are traditional and white, but aren't quite your typical compact radiators, then we definitely recommend that you take a look at our Trade Direct Classic Column radiators. The great thing about these column radiators is they look fantastic in any type of property whether it be a Georgian townhouse, a new-build starter home, or a one-room apartment. They add a stylish flair to any room they're installed in but without being too overbearing or dominating, which is one of the reasons white column radiators are such a popular choice for homeowners. If you like the idea of old cast iron radiators, but are put off by the weight and maintenance of them then classic column radiators are a nice practical alternative, with a slight contemporary twist. These beauties are strong and durable, but lighter than traditional cast iron radiators and provide a chic and efficient way of heating any living space in an almost ostentatious manner. With a big choice of sizes, and the options of 2, 3 or 4 column designs, there's no doubt that you will be able to find a suitable (and affordable) Trade Direct Column Radiator for any room in your home.

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