Top 8 areas of expertise all installers must have

Knowing about a wide range of areas is very important for any plumber or installer wishing to give their customers the ultimate customer service. However, with so much to learn and know about, it can sometimes be difficult prioritising the most important areas. We’ve prepared a list with what we think plumbers should be concentrating on in order to best assist customers and to increase their business. 1 - Home Heating Types Clearly knowing about different types of central heating systems is a must as it’s something an installer will have to deal with on a daily basis. Knowing about combi boilers, hot water storage, renewable energy and other various options is not only vital for an installer to do the job properly, but also to enable them to explain to the customer so that the customer understands their own system and how best to use it. 2 - Energy Efficiency Knowing about how energy is used in the home can be very useful in showing customers how to reduce their energy bills. Knowing the differences between an ancient boiler and a brand new condensing one and how to make the most of smart controls are just a couple of things every installer should understand in order to assist their customers. 3 - Rules, Regulations and Legislation It’s all very well knowing about products and how they work, but what about how they fit in within the law? Knowing about changes to the Building Regulations, EU legislation like the Energy Related Products Directive and a general awareness of carbon reduction will allow installers to provide an excellent service while ensuring the work they carry out is gas safe and legal. 4 - Upkeep, Care and Maintenance It’s well known that a healthy heating system leads to less break downs and lower heating bills, so again, it’s important for an installer to know about the likes of annual maintenance and chemical inhibitor, but it’s equally important to get this message across to customers. Many customers need to be reminded that their heating system needs regular maintenance just like a car, so the better the knowledge the installer has, the better they can explain this to customers. 5 - How to be Gas Safe We’ve all seen stories in the news of cowboy plumbers being prosecuted for unsafe work on gas appliances, so being Gas Safe Registered and carrying around the ID card provides confidence among customers and shows that the work being done is safe and legal. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious matter, so knowing how to work with gas appliances correctly cannot be overemphasised. 6 - Power Flushing In addition to the aforementioned chemical inhibitor, installers need to know about power flushing. Many will be called out to homes that have seriously neglected heating systems, so the knowledge of how to power flush a system will help get central heating systems running correctly and efficiently. Being able to explain why a system needs power flushing and how to minimise the need in future is a great way for an installer to provide quality customer service. 7 - Heating Controls With recent research showing that around 70% of homes not having the minimum heating controls as specified in the Building Regulations, there is clearly more work for installers to do in giving people choices and explanations of how they work. Some estimates have stated that heating controls could reduce energy usage by as much as 40% and this needs to be communicated to customers. Knowing about a range of different heating controls and what best to use for a particular household’s situation will surely benefit everyone involved. 8 - Information About You Many people use the Internet to locate plumbers and installers, so it’s a great idea to have a website and/or social media channels with photos, a short biography and testimonials. Many installers have also been making use of review sites to build an element of trust among the public which is very important for growing a business. Many installers who haven’t thought about having an online presence need to do so quickly or risk being left behind. Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLES • How to give yourself the best chance of success when starting your business 3rd Nov 2015  • How plumbers can use review sites to increase business 21st May 2015  • How Plumbers can change the lives of those in fuel poverty 4th Jun 2015   
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