Trade Radiators certified as a 2016 Glasgow Living Wage Employer

Following on from being officially recognised as being a Glasgow Living Wage Employer in 2015, we are happy to report that Trade Radiators has again been certified for 2016. From the Glasgow Living Wage Website: "Living wage is a term used to describe the minimum hourly wage necessary for shelter (housing and incidentals such as clothing and other basic needs) and nutrition for a person for an extended period of time (lifetime). This standard generally means that a person working full-time, with no additional income, should be able to afford a specified quality or quantity of housing, food, utilities, transport, health care, and recreation." Glasgow City Council introduced the Living Wage in back in  2009 and it has definitely been responsible for increasing the salaries and quality of life for many people across Glasgow. We fully support the idea of higher living standards in Glasgow and are proud to be associated with this brilliant initiative. Our wonderful employees have long been paid over and above the Living Wage because we value our close-knit and hard working team and believe strongly that they should be rewarded for the excellent work that they do. Having a happy team has led to a great deal of benefits, such as higher quality staff, higher attendance, greater productivity levels, more motivation and loyalty. This also has a knock on effect on the business as customers receive much higher levels of service and are much happier as a result. Over 400 Glasgow Living Wage Employers are delighted to have a business in the city that is leading the way across Scotland and the UK in raising living standards and improving employment conditions. We fully support the Glasgow Living Wage Scheme and encourage other businesses in our great city to also get involved. Other cities in the UK are also running similar initiatives, so we encourage companies around the UK to get behind the idea and help to a great a better Britain. More information is available on the Glasgow Living Wage website. Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLES • Trade Radiators recognised as a Living Wage Employer 14th Apr 2015  • The history of Trade Radiators Ltd 9th Jul 2013  • A look inside the Trade Radiators office 28th Aug 2014   
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