Trade Radiators is on Pinterest!

Yes that's absolutely correct, Trade Radiators are now on Pinterest featuring boards dedicated to our entire range of quality radiators and heated towel rails. Pinterest has actually provided us with a great opportunity to display the huge amount of photos submitted by our customers once they have installed their rads or rails. We literally receive hundreds of these photos and Pinterest gives us a great place to put them on show, segregated into the different types we offer on our website. On our website, we display all of our radiators and towel rails in their rawest form, normally with a plain background, so that you can see exactly what you are getting. We have to do this to ensure a sense of uniformity on our website and to make sure that everyone can clearly see the pictures and directly compare them to our competitors. However, it's the customer-taken photos that really bring our products to life and displays them in a real-life, relatable setting. This is absolutely vital for anyone looking to buy a radiator but not exactly sure what the radiator would look like in real life. These images also trigger other people's imagination to see the limitless possibilities that can be achieved when installing a new radiator. Some typical revelations include the realisation that radiators don't have to be white, nor do they have to be horizontal. These points seem obvious once they are brought up, but often it takes seeing a picture of the different options in action to really hit home. Our Pinterest pictures are not only useful because of the radiators and towel rails included in them. Many of our customers have incredibly stylish homes and some of the images can give inspiration to a range of interior design ideas including colour schemes,  furniture styles, layout configurations and much more. We encourage you to have a look through our Pinterest boards and to be inspired by what other people have done with their interiors. If you especially like a radiator or heated towel rail, you can just click on the image and be taken through to our website for more information on that product. Take a look and dare to dream! You can find us at Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLESTrade Radiators are on Instagram! 26th Jul 2016  • Interior design inspiration - column radiators 4th Sep 2014 Interior design inspiration - traditional heated towel rails 9th Sep 2014   
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