Using Oil To Power Central Heating

There are a number of ways to power a central heating system in the home. The most common method however is to run the central heating system via a main gas pipeline. But for some, gas is not an option; there are many households that do not have an easily accessible mains gas pipeline. Even when available, in some colder areas, gas pressure could be low compared to other areas, and might not reach the temperatures required to heat the water and heat the house adequately. Rural living does have its drawbacks occasions.‹¯¨

As a power source, although very efficient, fuel oil does also has its drawbacks.

Fuel oil as an alternative

The most popular alternative to a gas powered central heating system is running off fuel oil. Fuel oil does not need a pipeline to deliver it to your home! Access for the oil tanker is all that’s needed. It is a readily available, and is purchased in quantity, how much depending on the size of your storage tank: as and when you need it.

Fuel oil burns heats a furnace (boiler) which in turn heats the water that runs through your central heating pipes – all around your house.

Why choose fuel oil central heating

Apart from access to gas, or rather, no gas power in the home: the biggest advantage of using oil to power a central heating system is its effectiveness and production efficiency. Almost all of the oil is consumed to increase its efficiency and therefore power the whole central heating system in a much better way – in other words, its more cost efficient, you’ll ultimately see lower heating bills. Another very important advantage is the fact that a central heating system that uses oil as a fuel is far easier to maintain, less to go wrong. It isn’t a complex system: cleaning and giving it a periodic overhaul is faster and less technicaly demanding than with a central heating system that runs on gas as fuel source.

One of the major drawbacks however in using oil as power sources is its cost. In the wake of the current global financial meltdown, and rising oil prices – even though the system is easier to install and easier to maintain – the ever rising cost of fuel oil may outweigh its benefits. This must be considered before deciding on whether to opt for a heating system that uses gas or going for a heating system that runs on oil.

There are many factors to consider when trying to decide which is the best means of powering your central heating system. All methods have there pros and cons; we each may have individual circumstances that could preclude one method or another. The best advice is: do your homework, take everything into account, costs, and overall benefits of one over another…and do not think only short term: a greater investment now may mean big benefits after a suitable ‘payback’ period. Ask the experts, you’ll find them only too willing to help!


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