Why are aluminium radiators so popular?

As one of the most abundant metals on Earth, aluminium has become an incredibly important and popular metal in a wide range of industries, from aeronautical engineering to soft drinks packaging. Aluminium is an incredible conductor of heat which has made it important to the manufacturing of radiators. It can heat up very quickly, which is particularly useful in areas of the home that aren’t used very often. These areas can be warmed up quickly without a long wait for the area to be sufficiently brought up to temperature. Research has suggested that having an aluminium radiator can lead to energy efficiency saving of up to 15% when compared to radiators made of other materials. Additionally, aluminium rads need less water than other types of radiator, meaning you get high heat outputs with much less water and energy used. Heat loss is also minimal when compared to steel rads, making aluminium an excellent material to be considered when choosing new radiators for your home. Environmentally, aluminium also impresses. It can be recycled and completely reused without breaking down and losing its strength or thermal qualities. This means that when your aluminium radiator finally reaches the end of it’s life, it won’t simply go into landfill but can be recycling and put back into general circulation. The vast majority of aluminium radiators are manufactured from recycling aluminium, so this material is both an ethical and environmental choice. Aluminium is a very light metal - actually 3 times lighter than steel. This means it is cheaper to manufacture, cheaper to ship and much easier for one person to install, all factors that have a huge impact on reducing costs. In terms of design, aluminium is a very pliable metal, making it easy to manipulate and bend into shape with loses any of its structure or strength. Because we are increasingly treating radiators as integral to our interior design plans, instead of an afterthought, manufacturers have been producing a beautiful variety of aluminium radiators in a wide range of shapes and sizes. This means that the chances of you finding an aluminium radiator you like are very high. At TradeRadiators.com, we offer a fantastic selection of aluminium radiators and heated towel rails made from high quality, recycled aluminium, all with comprehensive guarantees and free delivery to any mainland UK address. Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLES • The Apollo Monza Aluminium Column Radiator Series 12th Aug 2013  • How do the Elan designer aluminium radiators have such a high heat output? 21st Aug 2014  • Can aluminium radiators save you money on heating bills? 26th Jun 2013   
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