Why electric heating is more attractive than ever

Advancements in technology have meant that electrical heating manufacturers are now producing excellent products that meet the needs of a modern family but also adhere to government legislation regarding energy efficiency. The number one priority when creating a thermally efficient home is to ensure that hot air stays in during the winter and cool air stays in during summer. New build homes are increasingly built with energy efficiency in mind and improvements in such things as double glazing and insulation, means that older homes are also becoming increasingly airtight. Couple this with increasing gas prices and greater awareness of making homes more thermally efficient, and we are now in an era where flexible electric heating has become a far more attractive option to the regular homeowner. Heating your home via electric heating systems has many benefits, including a low initial financial outlay for the units and low installation costs. Indeed, if you purchase a standalone unit, you’ll find the cost to buy the radiator is low, plus you have the flexibility to move it around your home in accordance with the room that is being inhabited. Additionally, the installation of an electric heating system in your home, causes much less disruption than having a brand new conventional boiler-powered hot water system plumbed in. Standard hot water central heating systems require a great network of pipework to be fitted, whereas the electric heating units only require a electrical connection. This makes the electric option much quicker to fit and, as a result, means labour costs for installation are much lower. Electric radiators can be placed virtually anywhere in a room, whereas hot water radiators are usually bound by existing pipework and where the flue is situated. They are also very low maintenance and easy to clean, sparing you added expenses of boiler upkeep, and the effort of dealing with air pockets, leaks and radiator sludge. Another important couple of points worth mentioning are the fact that electric radiators heat up and cool down very quickly and you are in complete control of when they are switched on and off and exactly which rooms they are heating at any one time. This kind of flexibility can give you great control over the outcome of your money spent on electricity costs. Some have predicted that, as we move towards reducing our carbon footprints by introducing zero carbon homes and decarbonising our energy supplies, the transition from the traditional gas boiler to a heating system powered by electricity will intensify. Manufacturers are very aware of this transition and know that families want heating systems that keep them warm and are financially viable and energy efficient. Improvements to electric radiators have meant that the days of simply switching one on or off with no control over temperature are long gone. That option is still available, of course, but we also offer the more sophisticated Electric Aluminium Eco-Max Radiator range, which includes features such as a 24 hour timer, temperature control gauge, an electronic thermostat and programmable settings for different days of the week. These controls allow you complete control over your electric heating system in ways that simply weren’t possible in years gone by and they come with the added benefit of a comprehensive 2 year guarantee and free fast delivery to any address in mainland UK. View our Electric Eco-Max Radiator Range »» Article by Benjamin Clarke
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