Why it's important for installers to keep up with radiator fashions

When it comes to making a radiator or towel rail purchase, a great number of customers are going beyond mere functionality and want some that looks good in their home. Customers have cottoned onto the fact that a rad or a rail can be a real feature of a room and it’s much more common for heat emitters to be an integral part of an interior design plan. The plumber or heating installer will often be the first port of call when a customer seeks advice on radiator or towel rail options, so it’s important for installers to be aware of just how much influence they exert over the buying decisions of a homeowner. In terms of the reputation of the heating industry and generally providing good customer service, this amount of influence means that it’s important for installers to have the latest knowledge to satisfactorily combine a customer’s wants and needs into a stylish and efficient product that will do the job whilst looking good. Choosing a radiator or heated towel rail can often depend on the decor of the room as much as whether it’s suitably sized to heat the room it will be installed in. In traditional settings, and more period style, such as a Victorian Cast Iron radiator might be suitable, whereas in a more contemporary room, chrome, black and anthracite rads and rails have become increasingly popular as people seek to have a streamlined and minimalist look. As there are a range of styles to suit all tastes and decors, it’s very important for installers to have an awareness of what’s on the market so that a good suggestion can be made to suit any taste or budget. Going above and beyond the call of duty for a customer is going to be great for business, because most people looking to upgrade their decor will ask a friend for recommendations. Providing excellent customer service will always have a knock-on effect, generating recommendations leading to increased business. With heating manufacturers, we are seeing a rise in the use of stainless steel for the top-end products and this is for a number of reasons. Stainless steel is suitable for all types of heating product, being a very efficient heat emitter as well as being completely recyclable. Being able to offer stainless steel products in either polished or brushed satin gives it aesthetic versatility, and they also usually come with guarantees of 20 years or more, reflecting their build quality and reliability. Many manufacturers based on the UK are able to offer a personalised service, so it’s vital for installers to have an awareness to be aware of British companies providing a customer design service as well as the typical out-of-the-box options. The heating products manufactured in the UK or Europe are subject to strict EU guidelines, which gives the customer comfort and reassurance that they are receiving a good quality product. So as well as installers having the necessary experience and know-how of dealing with central heating systems, the importance of knowing about the wide variety of radiators and towel warmers on offer cannot be stressed enough, particularly when their opinion is often the first one sought by the homeowner. Having all the latest knowledge of styles, trends and technologies will mean consumers are receiving the best possible service in terms of having the job done properly, installing a product that is suitable for their tastes and needs, but also one that helps them to keep down the cost of their heating bills. Article by Benjamin Clarke
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