Why we should be appreciating our plumbers & installers

If it’s the middle of winter and your boiler breaks down, who do you turn to to for help in getting you and your family get warm again? It’s not the emergency services and it’s not your local GP. The situation usually ends up with you calling your local plumber to help you out of your freezing predicament. It’s situations like this where we should all be glad of plumbers and installers who have the necessary knowledge and training to restore a level of comfort to our lives that we often take for granted. Of course it’s not just a central heating breakdown that requires the expertise of a plumber. It can be a much more simple problem like a leaky pipe or a radiator with hot and cold patches. However, even if it is not an emergency, there are many cases where things go wrong in our homes that we do not know how to fix ourselves and which affect our quality of life if they are not rectified by a qualified professional. We can sometimes take for granted the value of a good quality and reliable plumber. They provide us with peace of mind, carrying out work and checks that ensures our heating systems are working properly and that we are not in danger from such things as CO2 poisoning. An extremely under-appreciated role that a plumber plays in society is the work they carry out for the elderly and most vulnerable in society. Many of these people are susceptible to fuel poverty or faulty systems, but plumbers are able to have access to these homes where other people in society may not. Plumbers are able to safeguard the safety of the less fortunate not just by carrying out the work, but by giving practical advice and, in rare occasions, notifying other authorities to any concerns or challenging situations they may have witnessed. Importantly, plumbers can also be a connection to the outside world, lending a friendly ear to people who are housebound or unable to mix freely in society. So, more than just having the technical knowledge, plumbers often have to play the role of social workers, counsellors or simply someone to make small talk with. It’s time we appreciated our fully qualified plumbers and installers much more that we do because the service they provide is vital to all levels of society and can often be so much more that what we initially think on the surface. Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLES • How to find a decent plumber 5th Feb 2015  • How plumbers can help customers achieve greater energy efficiency 19th May 2015  • How Plumbers can change the lives of those in fuel poverty 4th Jun 2015   
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