Today is World Plumbing Day!

Since 2010, when it was established by the World Plumbing Council, the 11th March has been designated as World Plumbing Day.

It's a fantastic way to celebrate the great work the approximately 120,000 UK plumbers and heating engineers do to keep our homes and workplaces running smoothly.

March 11 - a time of plumbing celebration

By early March, we're theoretically supposed to be past the coldest of the winter months, in reality this is often not the case. We're all unsurprised when we get news from the weather forecast that we're going to be plunged into another bout of cold weather.

The central heating is on full blast during these times, so spare a thought for our brave plumbers who are dashing from one central heating emergency to another ensuring that ourselves and our families all stay warm.

They do an amazing job and we should all be very grateful to the amazing men and women up and down Britain, keeping our boilers blasting and our water running.

Keep your heating system healthy

It can be quite easy to take your central heating system for granted and be unappreciative of how important it is to a comfortable standard of living.

It's easy to forget that behind the hot water in your shower or the warm radiators that heat up your home lies an intricate series of components that helps to keep you living in comfort.

Like any piece of machinery that is used often, things can wear out or break and your central heating system is no different.

The boiler, water pump, pipework, radiators and valves can be compared to the internal workings of a car and needs to be regularly maintained. If you didn't take your car to be MOT'd or serviced, you wouldn't be surprised if your car suffers a breakdown. Your heating system should be thought of in the same way.

Annual Maintenance

We recommend that you have a professional Gas Safe registered engineer come and take a look at your heating system every 12 months.

As most plumbers will confirm, boilers tend to break down just as you need them most - at the coldest time of year. Not only does this cause massive disruption for the householders, but it's often difficult to get hold of a plumber to solve the problem quickly because many other people will be suffering heating emergencies at the same time.

Additionally, replacing a boiler can be very expensive and boiler breakdowns often happen in or around Christmas when money is already tight.

Getting a plumber around on an annual basis is a great way of heading off any issues early on and dealing with them before they cause a major problem.

World Plumbing Day should be the perfect reminder to make an appointment with your plumber and get them to give your whole heating system a once over!


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