Electric Radiators

Whether you’re shifting towards going all electric at home, have a room that you don’t want to spend a lot of money getting hooked up to your central heating, or have an office space that needs a little extra to take a chill out of the air, you’ll be looking for a new electric radiator. 

As the UK’s leading online store for radiators of all shapes and sizes, we have an unbeatable range of electric radiators on offer that suits all budgets and styles. 

We’re helping thousands of customers across the country get a reliable electric radiator that will fit in perfectly and won’t see them wasting money on energy either. 

Shop the range today and see what electric radiator fits in your space. 

What Rooms Need Electric Radiators? 

We always recommend getting an electric radiator when you have a room that your central heating can’t quite reach. You don’t want to get into a headache figuring out how to get plumbing reconfigured. That’s why a simple plug in would be best. 

It is very common to see electric radiators in loft conversions, conservatories and anywhere in holiday homes. 

Electric Radiator Brands 

There are several brands we have that sell electric radiators. 

They include: 

  • K-Rad 
  • DQ 
  • Stelrad 
  • Quinn 
  • Apollo 

If you’re looking for an unbeatable price on a new electric radiator, you might want to have a look at the Trade Direct range. We’ve used our decades of knowledge when it comes to all thing radiators to create a small range that is a great budget option. 

Electric Radiator Styles 

Pretty much most of the radiators you’ll find on site can be adapted for an electric system. The most popular ones that customers look at for their homes are the electric panel radiators and electric cast iron radiators.  

Panel (Convector) radiators provide that simple look for anyone who wants a radiator that does a good job with minimal fuss.  While the cast iron style is becoming more popular with customers looking for a spark of personality in their radiators. If you’re getting new electric radiators for somewhere like a restaurant, café or salon, have a good look at the cast iron offerings as there may be some styles that would work fantastically with your interior. 

How do Electric Radiators Work? 

A regular radiator is hooked up to your central heating system. When the boiler gets going, hot water passes through all the radiators and, hey presto, your room is toasty. 

With electric radiators, you’ll have a filling inside the radiator, usually water or oil. When plugged in, a heating element gets the filling warm, and the radiator works like normal. 

What are the Benefits of having an Electric Radiator? 

The first thing to note is that electric radiators are 100% efficient. Every single bit of energy you put in has to be used to generate heat.  

They can also save maintenance time. Because most will contain a thermodynamic fluid, you don’t need to bleed the radiator. And when one stops working, you’ll know it is specifically that radiator which has a problem and not something within your entire central heating system. 

How hot can Electric Radiators get? 

Electric radiators get as warm as you want. Every radiator has a maximum heat output and reach which is measured in BTU. You can see with every radiator on the site the BTU rating it has.  

If you know what BTU you need, you can go ahead and pick whatever radiator looks best. If you’re looking at a new space like a loft conversion, you should use our heating calculator.  

You’ll need to know the dimensions of the space, and we’ll help calculate what BTU you’d ideally want to keep the space toasty all year long. 

Does Trade Radiators have Electric Towel Rails? 

Yes, we do. Our towel rails can be wall mounted which comes in handy when you’ve got a space like a bathroom where you’d want to fuse in higher up on the ceiling and don’t want exposed plugs. 

What Finish can Electric Radiators come in? 

It depends on the make and model of the radiator you buy. With something like our towel rails or panel radiators, you may be limited if the manufacturer has already put a finish on themselves. Some of the electric cast iron radiators on offer can be primed so you can put your spin on how it will look. 

Electric Radiator Accessories 

To help make it as efficient as possible, we have some accessories to make factors like temperature control and when your electric radiators come on, go smoothly. We have smart thermostatic elements (in both chrome and white) as well as a remote control with an anti-freeze function and boost. 

Delivering Electric Radiators across the UK 

Depending on the radiator type, we will aim to deliver your radiator as quickly as possible. Because electric radiators are made to order, we need an extra day to fill the radiator and get it ready. 

With free delivery around the UK and our price promise, we guarantee you’ll be happy with your new radiator once it's up and running.  

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