Electric Underfloor Heating

Are you always thinking your floors are too cold all year round? Our incredible underfloor electric heating systems are the ultimate hidden luxury- with the ability to bring warmth to cold flooring including tiles which although look amazing, are not the more heat efficient option. Our customers love our electric underfloor heating options for bathrooms, where stepping out of the shower or bath becomes an absolute dream, however, they can be easily installed under most floors- stone, carpet, wood, and tile- and with the choice of foil, mat, and wire-based systems we definitely have something to suit your needs.

Incredibly Efficient and Safe

Our electric heating range is much more efficient than traditional gas-based systems where energy is lost via the flue during processing. With our electric systems, all the energy is converted to heat meaning it is not only more cost efficient over time, it is also more environmentally effective and friendly. Moreover, our systems do not use any gas or internal fuel, meaning that the risk of explosion and leak is non-existent in them. With safety being the most important factor in homes and business spaces alike many people are now reaching to electric underfloor heating.

Hidden Gem

Our underfloor electric heating systems truly are hidden gems- they are designed to be extremely thin meaning that they can fit in even the smallest of spaces and will not drastically change the appearance of your flooring. Experts have chosen all our mats, foils, and wire systems to provide high quality of heat, whist being able to fit in to any home.

Easy to Install

We have a selection of different underfloor electric heating options including mats, foil, wire, and kits. Our systems all have one thing in common- they are designed to be easy and quick to install, only needing a plug outlet to work, these systems can be fitted and working in a flash with no difficult pipe network needing laid. These cost-effective solutions have also become increasingly popular due to their robust nature. Rest assured that when shopping with Trade Radiators your item offers value and quality.

Incredible Delivery

If you have decided to order one of our brilliant underfloor heating systems and are eager to get it installed, then rest assured that we will work hard to have it with you in a flash- our delivery service means your product can be delivered as soon as the next day anywhere in the United Kingdom- with our compliments giving you more time to enjoy your underfloor heating system.

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