Towelrads Electric Radiators

We are delighted to offer customers this unique range of designer electric radiators from Towelrads, using the latest technology to create infrared glass radiators that can take pride of place in any room.

Take a look at the current Towelrads selection and see if these amazing electric radiators are the right fit for your space.

When should you choose a Towelrads electric radiator?

These special radiators, in our opinion, look best when installed in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and spaces that use neutral or soft tones.

If you’re running an office or commercial space and want a discrete solution to electric heating options, you can ditch a plug-in heater in place of this range.

What size Towelrads electric radiator should I get?

The majority of Towelrads we have in stock are 600mm high and range from 600mm to 1400mm wide. It all depends on what space you have and what size would look the best.

Where can I hang Towelrads electric radiators?

Due to their unique look, you have more freedom when it comes to installation. Most customers will put them just above skirting boards like a traditional installation, but it is becoming something of a trend to hang them midway on walls and give yourself more floor space.

It can also work to hang them higher up a wall in a room like an open plan kitchen beside a dining table, where usually anyone sitting down would be prone to hitting the radiator when moving around.

What is an infrared electric radiator?

Traditional radiators take in cold air from the bottom, heat it and circulate it upwards in a cycle. Infrared radiators are more direct because they generate heat (through a  glass panel) directly outwards.

It’s easiest to picture how infrared radiators work as though you’re standing outside. If you’re facing the sun, the heat is coming directly towards you. That’s how these radiators work.

Are there any benefits to having an infrared electric radiator?

With it dispersing heat directly, there’s a better chance to the ambient temperature of a room to rise equally, especially if you’re facing the radiator directly.

What entry do Towelrads radiators have?

These radiators have a side entry.

What kind of finish do Towelrads radiator have?

With the white radiators in the range, you’ll find they have a glossy finish that isn’t common in electric radiators. This is what makes them a standout option for many customers who want something special.

What’s the lifespan for a radiator like this?

The Towelrads radiators we stock come with a 25-year guarantee.

How can I find out more information about Towelrads electric radiators?

Each specific radiator lists all the main specification you’ll need, but if you have a particular question about these radiators, please get in touch directly with the team, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

You can visit our Contact Us page or click the chat icon in the corner of this page.