Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

In today’s modern age, electric radiators are becoming very popular in homes and businesses up and down the country. And they can come in all shapes, styles, and types. At Trade Radiators, we are proud to stock a wide range of electric radiators, including wall mounted electric radiators. 


Having electric radiators that are wall mounted gives the aesthetic and feel of a traditional radiator with the energy-saving benefits that electricity can bring over gas or oil-based radiators and heaters.


No matter what kind of home or business aesthetic you have or your heating requirements, we’ll have an electric radiator that’s wall mounted to suit your needs.


How Powerful Are Wall Mounted Electric Radiators?

Electric wall mounted radiators are just as powerful as traditional radiators, despite their differences in components. And they are not dissimilar from traditional radiators in that the material, shape, size, and design of the radiator impact its heat output.


A huge vertical radiator will be much better at heating tall spaces than a short horizontal radiator. But, in contrast, a short horizontal radiator may be better suited to a bathroom or bedroom. Metals like iron and steel will also heat up slower than metal like Aluminium. 


The power you require from an electric radiator – wall mounted or not – will depend on the room you are trying to heat.


Our BTU heating calculator can help you ascertain what kind of electric wall mounted radiator will be best for your space.

What Finishes Do Wall Mounted Radiators Come In?

At Trade Radiators, we aim to provide an extensive choice of options when it comes to finishing a radiator in order to tailor it to as many aesthetics as possible. We can provide:


  • Black
  • White
  • Anthracite

And more. Take a look at what we have now.

Our Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

Looking for an electric radiator to mount on your wall? Not sure what to go with? At Trade Radiators, we have an impressive range to pick from, such as:

Customer Care Comes First

We put our customers at the core of everything we do. For example, we have a price match policy that keeps our prices low and passes any savings to be had onto you.


In addition, we offer our customers free delivery on their radiator orders. The days of worrying about how you’ll get your radiator home is over!

Have A Chat With Us Today

If you need more information about a radiator model or about the services we provide, then don’t hesitate to reach out and have a chat. Our radiator experts are incredibly knowledgeable and willing to help!

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