Nordic Radiator Valves

Just decided that a stunning new Nordic radiator is the radiator you need for your home? Want to ensure that everything looks perfect when hung, piped and ready to go? Then make sure you have everything you need in your basket with our range of Nordic radiator valves.

We have valves that match the most popular Nordic radiators, complementing the finishes of Nordic's contemporary and traditional designs. Shop now to find the right Nordic radiator valve that matches your property syle.

What are Nordic radiator valves?

Nordic is a relatively new but immensely popular radiator range here at Trade Radiators. They make aluminium, column & flat panel radiators, alongside heated towel rails. These radiators come in a variety of finishes. This range of radiator valves is for anyone looking to match a new Nordic radiator's colour with their valves.

What types of valves does Nordic make?

Nordic provides manual and thermostatic valves, allowing you to control your new valve as you see fit. We recommend that you take your pipe positioning into account, as we offer Nordic valves in straight, angled and corner options.

What size of Nordic valve can I get?

Nordic valves will vary in size, and most will match the valves you already have, give or take a few millimetres. Some of the Nordic XL valves on this page are larger for accessibility. You will be able to see the height and weight of each within the product page information.

What finish of Nordic valve should I choose?

Always opt for a valve that matches or complements the colour of your radiator.

In this range, the most popular finishes include:

  • Nickel
  • Polished Brass
  • White
  • Black
  • Chrome
  • Brass
  • Antique Copper
  • Antique Brass

If you aren't sure which colour will look best, you can always shop for radiator valves by finish to compare colours side by side.

Should I buy radiator pipe sleeves?

If you want your installation to look its best, and your existing pipes have paint and marks which won't come off, getting some radiator pipe sleeves is the best solution. They simply need to be cut to size and will pop on over any pipe.

What is the connection size of a Nordic radiator valve?

Nordic radiators valves have a standard 15mm connection, including the Nordic XL valves.

You may have pipework at home which doesn't adhere to the 15mm standard. If so, we recommend looking at the following options in other sizes:

Already purchased valves and discovered your pipe connections are the size you thought they were? Without needing to order more valves, some radiator reducers will help make a perfect connection.

What guarantee do Nordic valves have?

Most Nordic valves come with a 10-year guarantee on the product.

Can Nordic radiator valves be controlled remotely?

These are traditional radiator valves, which would be controlled manually. If you're trying to make your home heating systems smarter, we have a range of smart heating controls you'll want to take a look at.

Are there similar valves in a different price range?

We know that the last thing most people expect is to spend a lot on our radiator valves. For similarly styled valves at a more competitive price, check out our latest Trade Direct radiator valves.

Have any questions about Nordic valves?

Need to know more about these products? Please get in touch, and our customer care team will happily assist. You can leave a message on our contact page, or call the customer care team on 0141 225 0430.

And if the world of valves is new to you, read the Trade Radiators Complete Guide to Radiator Valves.

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