Tall Bathroom Radiator

Tall bathroom radiators are elegant and provide a convenient place to hang your towels when using the water closet.

These towel ladders generally emphasise height over width and some are truly statuesque. You can access them in many colours and finishes and Trade Radiators stocks styles to match any bathroom design. Enhance the ambience in your space with a sleek heated towel rail or go for a more tried and tested format with column radiators.

If you want to expand your horizons, Trade Radiators supplies bathroom radiators in different orientations for a comprehensive range. We are confident you will find something that meets your needs from our catalogue.

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Our Range of Tall Bathroom Radiators

Trade Radiators understands there are many different needs for modern buyers in bathroom heating. As such, the options for warmth are varied. Style, efficiency and affordability are always important so explore the range to see what’s available.

Tall bathroom radiators are abundant at Trade Radiators. You will find ladder rails, column radiators, designer units and more traditional towel rails. Colour options are diverse, as are finishes, and the materials include aluminium and a range of different types of steel. With trusted manufacturers like Towelrads and Reina, you can’t go wrong.

Find the perfect bathroom radiator size with the help of the free BTU calculator. It identifies the heating power your bathroom needs based on its dimensions.

Everything in this range comes with a generous manufacturer guarantee for peace of mind. Free delivery is available for all addresses in the UK mainland.

Enjoy market-leading service at affordable prices with Trade Radiators.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tall Bathroom Radiators

Why Do I Need a Tall Bathroom Radiator?

A tall bathroom radiator makes a fantastic focal point in a stylish bathroom. It also provides plenty of space for hanging towels and yields an abundance of warmth. The options listed here offer superb efficiency and durability so you can choose an appealing aesthetic and feel confident it will do its job well.

Are There Different Styles Of Tall Bathroom Radiators?

Yes, you will find towel ladders, enigmatic designer units and column radiators amongst this range of towel warmers. Colour options are diverse and you can choose between robust steel and ultra-modern aluminium for the frame.

Do You Sell Electric Tall Bathroom Radiators?

Yes, many of the options in this range can be fitted with a dual fuel heating kit. This means an electric heating element is added for extra flexibility. We also sell a wide range of other electric radiators if you want to explore more.

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