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The lounge is a special space where you can relax and unwind and everything in that room should help with that. Give yourself a warm, stylish living room with your choice of lounge radiators from Trade.

It won’t take long for you to find some great options for your living space here. Explore lounge radiators in many shapes, sizes and colours. Great prices and easy installation are welcome additions from some of the leading designer brands on the market.

Trade Radiators offer heating solutions for all styles of contemporary interior. Big or small, lounge space or elsewhere, there will be something in Trade’s expansive catalogue to meet your needs.

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The Full Range Of Lounge Radiators

Trade Radiators understands what your living space needs in a radiator. As a modern homeowner, you want a warm interior with great energy efficiency and a style that matches the surroundings. And you want it all at a fair price.

The styles on offer are man. You will find traditional column radiators, contemporary flat panel units, cast iron pieces, convector heaters and much, much more. They are all available in countless sizes, orientations, colours and finishes with affordable prices thanks to Trade’s exclusive discounts.

Use the filter function in your search to narrow down the heating options by configurations, heat sources and more. You can make it even easier to zero in on the right choice by using the free BTU calculator tool. This will let you know the heating power your space needs based on its dimensions.

Free, fast delivery to the UK mainland is one of the great benefits of buying from Trade Radiators. You also get a generous manufacturer guarantee on every product.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lounge Radiators

Why Do I Need Lounge Radiators?

The ambience of your living space is crucial and the right radiator is essential for this. You want the space to be warm and cosy, with a coherent style that oozes comfort. The lounge radiators in this range deliver on those needs for a huge range of tastes so you are certain to find what you need.

Do Lounge Radiators Come In Different Styles?

Yes, there is a huge range of styles available in many colours and finishes. The brands include Trade Direct and DQ Heating, and you will discover steel, aluminium and even cast iron units when you browse the range online.

Do You Sell Electric Lounge Radiators?

Yes, there are electric radiators available for the lounge, kitchen, bathroom and other spaces in the home at Trade Radiators.

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