2 Column Radiators

Here at Trade Radiators we stock a varied assortment of 2 column radiators for a range of different applications in residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

All the radiators we supply are of a premium grade, are of an exceptional quality, and are from the top brands in the radiator industry.


When you decide to choose us for your radiator, you are choosing our wealth of experience in the industry paired with a customer care focus that’s hard to beat.

If you can't find what you're looking for here, why not browse through our wide variety of radiators?

What Two Column Radiators Do Trade Radiators Stock? 

We have a variety of two column radiators available, such as:

Slim Column Radiators

For those that want a more compact heating solution for their project, we are proud to introduce our slim column radiator range, also known as our slimline column radiator range.

Don’t compromise on heating efficiency and save space while you do it with radiator models such as:

How Powerful Is A 2 Column Radiator?

Two column radiators vary in power and this is dependant on size, the material of the radiator, and the heating elements within it. 

Using our heating calculator is by far the simplest way to find out what kind of radiator you will need for your home. Once you know what kind of radiator you need, you can then view our full range of radiators to pick the best option for your room.

What About Radiator Aesthetics?


We realise that many of our customers love a radiator that looks good. Who wouldn’t? To facilitate this need we can offer radiators in:

  •  White
  •  Black 
  •  Grey
  •  Raw Metal
  •  Copper
  •  Brass
  •  Silver

And more. Find your ideal radiator with us today!

Our Delivery Fulfilment Service

We don’t just provide top-grade radiators; we also provide a delivery guarantee with them. Get your radiator with next day delivery after our mandatory 3-day fulfilment window. No more waiting around to get your project started, or finished.


And, in addition, we provide a 3-day product problems policy on all of our radiators. If there’s any problem with a radiator that we sell to you, give us a buzz and we’ll sort it out for you.

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