Aluminium Column Radiators

We always try and keep at the forefront of product innovation, and when we see a new way of heating homes, we like to champion it.  Aluminium columns radiators are new to the marketplace and offer excellent benefits over their steel counterparts. If you’ve been looking for a new radiator, and want one that is high-quality, as well as energy-efficient, this could be the collection for you.

Shop our range of aluminium column radiators and see if your new radiator is right here at Trade Radiators or discover new styles and finishes in our full selection of radiators.


What styles do aluminium column radiators come in?

Our current range includes the following styles:

  • Column

Traditionally designed to work with any space, the simple column style is a classic look that works no matter where you need to install a new radiator

  • Modern Column

A new approach to column radiators. These radiators have a more striking design and tend to use thinner columns to help provide a better illusion of space by opening the wall up as you look at the radiator. Many of our modern aluminium column radiators are from the Trade Direct range; one of the top-selling brands on our site.

Do aluminium column radiators heat a room easily?

If you have a problem space and want a radiator that can “blast” heat quickly, you’ll want to stick with aluminium. Most radiators are made from steel as it’s a cheaper material. Aluminium, while slightly more expensive, is a tremendous heat conductor.

It also is notably faster at getting up to temperature than many other radiator types. Anyone who wants a quick heating radiator should check out the full range of aluminium radiators we currently have in stock.

If you don’t know the BTU of a room, we have a handy heating calculator you can use to see which radiators have the best BTU for your home or office.

Which brands of aluminium column radiators are best?

Two primary brands which we stock are creating fantastic aluminium radiators:

Apollo is a brand we think makes hard-working products with attention to detail in every model. Any of their Monza column radiators are a hit with customers, especially those which can be painted any colour you like.

Trade Direct is a brand the team at Trade Radiators created. We realised that while aluminium column radiators look great, there isn’t a wide selection available in the UK. We decided to make our own little range for customers who want designer radiators without the designer price tag.

How many columns can I choose from?

You can choose from 2,3 or 4 column profile radiators. Remember that column number refers to the number of columns in the depth of the radiator; not the width.

What finishes do aluminium column radiators come in?

You can choose from:

  • Anthracite
  • Black
  • White

Some models can also be custom painted.

Looking for a finish not listed here? Browse through our full selection of radiators to find the right one for you.

What heating systems do aluminium column radiators work on?

The radiators in this range are for use on a traditional central heating system.

If you were installing a column radiator in a new location and don’t have pipe entries in the space, we have a vast range of electric column radiators with many designs similar to what you see on this page.

Helping you find the ideal aluminium column radiators

Are you having trouble finding a suitable aluminium column radiator?

Get in touch with the team directly, and we’ll see if there’s a radiator in stock that would be just right for your home. You can contact us here, or have a quick chat right now by clicking the chat icon in the corner of the page.

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