Black Vertical Radiators

It wasn’t so long ago that black radiators, especially vertical models, were had to come by. They have slowly become a popular radiator and towel rail choice to have in homes looking for contemporary décor, as well as offices and commercial spaces.

Regardless of where you need a new radiator installed, Trade Radiators is the place to shop for new black vertical radiators. With a unique range of designs from trusted brands, and our guarantees on every product, find the right black vertical radiator for your space by shopping at Trade Radiators.

Looking for something else? Browse our wide variety of radiators to find alternative looks and finishes.



What types of black vertical radiators are available?

At Trade Radiators, we are committed to providing a wider range of radiators than you’ll find from any other retailer, especially when looking at a precise product range like this.

We have black vertical radiators available in widths and heights to fit in any room. Whether you go as narrow as 214mm or prefer a radiator to be as high as 2000mm, you will find a product to meet the dimensions you need. We also strive to give more options when it comes to material.

While most of the black vertical radiators you see here are the standard steel used in most UK homes, we have a growing number of aluminium black vertical radiators in stock. If you want a radiator that heats up quickly, you might want to opt for aluminium. You can use the filter option on the left to look at the aluminium options from the Apollo Magenta & Trade Direct Aphex ranges.

Black vertical radiators in your preferred column profile

Trade Radiators recommend that you understand column profiles and the magic number for columns in different rooms in your home. Most of this range is available as either 2 or 3 column radiators. The 2 column options would be most popular as it is reminiscent of a traditional double panel radiator. Those who want a high heat output and some added flourish in their designs will love the look at a 3 column black vertical radiator.

Finding your preferred brand for black vertical radiators

Trade Radiators is adding new ranges from top brands all the time. Some of the top-rated brands amongst customers for black vertical radiators right now include Apollo, Towelrads & Trade Radiators. If your main aim is to have a black rail for the bathroom, we would suggest looking at our range of black heated towel rails.

Shopping for designer black vertical radiators

With frequent requests from customers, we are excited to stock a small range of designer black vertical radiators for those who want something special from a new radiator. The Apollo Magenta range, with its black metallic finish and choice of curved or flat columns, makes it a must for kitchens and hallways.

If you are more inclined to have a radiator with more of a lustrous black finish, take a look at some of our black nickel radiators or view our full range of radiators to find something different.

Alternative Vertical Radiator Styles

Need a different finish, or a different style? We have a huge variety to choose from, including:

and more in our full selection of vertical radiators.

Finding a black vertical radiator for your bathroom

Anyone in the midst of refurbishing a bathroom may be looking to say goodbye to a musty panel radiator in place of a trendy black model. If this is something you are thinking about, please make sure you take the space you have to work with into account. Most bathrooms typically have space for a 1500-1600mm tall radiator, with a narrower width from existing fixtures being in the way.

If you really want a black radiator in a bathroom but are severely impacted by space, you might want to look at some of our black heated towel rails.

Accessorising a new black vertical radiator

Trade Radiators will make sure your new radiator is shipped with brackets and all necessary parts for installation. Before heading to checkout, we recommend you take the time to look at all the radiator accessories we have in stock. Some people do make the mistake of forgetting to grab some matching black radiator valves, as it is one thing that helps make an installation look complete.

A guarantee on your radiator & swift delivery

Every radiator you see here comes with its own guarantee. In many cases, it will be a 10 or even 15-year guarantee on your new radiators. Our team is also very prompt to get orders ready and shipped as quickly as possible, with many black vertical radiators available for next-day delivery. If you need a new radiator in a hurry, select your preferred Need It Fast? option on the left side menu.

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