Black Nickel Radiators

An industrious finish from a radiator that performs as tremendously as it looks, Trade Radiators is proud to stock a dynamic range of black nickel radiators. When you’re looking for a feature radiator that can heat awkward spaces and offer you no trouble at all, you’ll find the ideal product in stock right here.

Shop our current range right now and see if there’s a black nickel radiator in stock that would look perfect in your room.

If you would like to view our full range of radiators, click here. You can also view our other finishes here.

What makes black nickel radiators special?

Black nickel is a lesser-known finish and one which is really only looked at when you want a radiator that will stand out. We think the radiators in this range are tremendous for customers who are looking to fit a contemporary or commercial space.

At Trade Radiators we want to give customers as much variety as possible. You may have already browsed our range of black radiators and found you’re after a radiator with more of a sheen in the finish.

This type of finish puts a black lacquer on the radiator. Lacquers help give a radiator some variance in tone and can take on natural light for a unique look.

What are black nickel radiators made of?

Black nickel radiators are made from 1.5mm Steel. This is the industry standard for radiators in the UK.

It’s the care and attention needed to make the finish look effortless that helps black nickel radiators look so unique.

What shapes and styles do black nickel radiators come in?

We have horizontal and vertical black nickel radiators in stock just now. Column radiators work best in social spaces like the living room and dining room, while the vertical radiators are popular for hallways and open-plan kitchens.

If you’re getting new radiators for your home and aren’t sure what type to go for, you can shop for radiators by room.

Black Nickel Column Radiators

Most of the radiators in this range are column radiators. A column radiator is dependable and provides the opportunity for your radiator to draw in more air depending on how many columns your rad has.

We recommend taking note of your wall projection before choosing a radiator with a specific number of columns.

If you’re looking at the DQ radiators in this range, width per column is as such:

  • 2 columns – 66mm
  • 3 columns – 107mm
  • 4 columns – 148mm
  • 6 columns – 230mm

Why are most of these black nickel radiators made by DQ?

We have been stocking DQ radiators for a long time now. We believe that they are the best around for applying finishes to radiators, especially when working with metallic tones and lacquers. You can see some of their other fantastic finishes by checking out the full DQ heating range here.

Does my black nickel radiator come with everything I need for installation?

Your radiator will have fittings in the box, so you can get your new radiator installed as soon as it arrives. One area we recommend taking some time to think about are your valves. If you have existing plastic valves in place, they might stick out against the nickel finish.

We have a range of nickel radiator valves in stock which help tie the look together, including some great thermostatic valves from West and Trade Direct.

How quickly can I get a black nickel radiator?

Delivery times vary from product to product, but we always aim to get new radiators shipped anywhere in the UK as quickly as possible. If you have any questions about delivery, please click here.

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