Compact Convector Radiators


Being restricted by space doesn’t mean you have to get a tiny radiator that won’t work as well as it should.  Trade Radiators have a superb range of compact convector radiators ideal for any space. Whether you’ve only got 300mm under a window to work with, or 500mm behind a door, we have a radiator to fit in and do the job just right. 

We have convector radiators from top designer names as well as our range of money-saving radiators, to help suit all budgets. 

Take a look at the radiators currently available and see which is the ideal fit for your space. A simple one-panel radiator might work. Or a double panel is needed to heat a troublesome space. If you are interested in a radiator that has a different colour or style, then feel free to view our wide variety of radiators to find the right one for your room.

What Brands of Compact Convector Radiators are Available? 

Top brands we sell on site include: 

  • K-Rad 
  • Quinn 
  • Stelrad 

K-Rad would be known as one of the cheapest on the market with some compact radiators starting at just £16 for a 300mm single panel convector radiator

Stelrad and Quinn would both be seen as designer names, with Stelrad’s double panel, double convector radiators arguably the best you’d find on the market.  

How Long does a Compact Convector Radiator Last? 

These radiators are built to last. Most of the compact models you’ll see on this page come with at least a 10-year guarantee. Some of the designer radiators from brands like Apollo and Quinn can have 15-year guarantees; that’s how well the manufacturers believe they work. 

Compact Convector Radiators for Bedrooms 

Bedrooms can be tricky to get a radiator sitting in nicely, especially if furniture is limiting space. They’re usually an easy space to heat and only need a little bit of heat at night to stay warm. We would recommend having a look at single panel radiators that are narrower, especially when dealing with box bedrooms. 

Compact Convector Radiators for Bathrooms 

Often the one room at home that takes the least effort to heat, bathrooms only need a compact radiator to take a chill out of the air. Stelrad has great 300mm single panel models in the £30 range that are simple and work easily.  

Compact Convector Radiators for Living Rooms 

In smaller living rooms, especially studio apartments, having a chill in the air is the last thing you want at night. If you have longer windows or a small sill running across the room, we would suggest looking at a compact radiator that is 300mm tall. The K-Rad White Compact 300mm x 800mm - Single Panel, Single Convector model is a bargain and fantastic for living rooms. 

Not sure if this one is right for your room? We have a wide range of radiator styles and finishes to help everyone get the right radiator for them. Browse our full range of radiators today.

Our Price Guarantee 

Not only do certain compact radiators come with valves included (you’ll see them marked as such), but we have a price guarantees on all our radiators here on site. Find the same make and model for a lower price elsewhere, and we’ll match it. You can find out more about the criteria on our price match page. 

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