Double Designer Radiators UK

A double designer radiator is a fantastic way to comprise style and heating in any room of your home. At Trade Radiators, we provide an outstanding selection of double designer radiators at great prices. We stock many options from leading brands such as Apollo and Nordic, that use state-of-the-art technology to create beautiful yet powerful designer radiators to heat your home. 

You can also view more radiators in our full selection, if you're looking to find a different style.

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Size Options Of Double Radiators

At Trade Radiators, we have an array of different-sized double designer radiators available. Some of the sizes we stock include:

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Superb Heat Output From Designer Double Radiator Options

When you shop for your double designer radiator with Trade Radiators, you will get various heating options that fit your specific needs. Some features include:

  • A BTU range from 1286 – 17429 BTU
  • A wattage range of 377W – 5108W

To find out how much power will work best for the room, use our free BTU heating calculator. Our heating calculator allows you to input the dimensions of your room to help you figure out how powerful your new radiator will need to be to heat the whole space.

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Pick A Double Designer Radiator Finish

Not only do we provide high-quality designer radiators in a variety of sizes, but we also provide them with a range of stylish finishes. Trade Radiators provide designer radiators in the following finishes: 

As well as some other designer radiator styles to choose from, including:

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Contact Our Radiator Specialists

Don't hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions about our designer radiators. Our radiator specialists are always happy to help advise you.


Are double radiators easy to fit?

Yes. Fitting a double designer radiator is just like fitting a traditional radiator. The designer radiators we provide at Trade Radiators come with all the necessary parts needed for you to fit them at home. 

Are designer double radiators safe?

Of course. All of our double designer radiators are certified safe for use before we send them to you. 

Our radiators have UKCA, CE and EN422 certifications. 

Do designer radiators cost more?

Because they're from top brands, designer radiators cost a bit more than traditional radiators. However, at Trade Radiators, we do everything in our power to keep costs down and get you the best deal possible. 

Do Designer Radiators Have A Strong Heat Output?

Heat output will vary depending on the size of your chosen radiator. Generally, designer radiators will have a strong, efficient heat output to meet your needs. 

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