DQ Delta Radiators

Add a touch of glamour to your home with Delta radiators from DQ Heating. These stylish radiators not only look great but are practical too. Buying a DQ Delta radiator from Trade Radiators is a great way to get a truly high-end designer radiator at an affordable price.

Perfect for a modern apartment or open-plan space, the Delta design is contemporary and fun. The finished shine tops these radiators have are some of the most glamorous on offer. Available in both vertical and horizontal styles, these radiators are a great space saver. Try out the vertical design in rooms which are pushed for wall space, like a kitchen or loft conversion, or create a sophisticated look with the horizontal DQ Delta radiator.

Shop the range and see if a DQ Delta radiator is ideal for your space. 

Looking for a different type of radiator? With many options to choose from, why not browse our full range of radiators?

When should you choose a DQ Delta radiator? 

It’s rare to say you’d want to have a radiator you can show off, but with the attention to detail and unique design of the DQ range, you’ll want to have this radiator on display as a feature item in the room.

How will these radiators look on my wall?

You may have noticed we offer these radiators in two distinct finishes: satin and polished.

Polished radiators really stand out when installed anywhere, as the final few layers on the finish have a brighter sheen and will reflect light easily. They work best when you have a room, like the kitchen, where you want things to be nice and bright as much as possible.

Satin radiators (also referred to as brushed) have a more dulled down finish when the last few coats are applied. They’re more in line with greyish tones than bright.

To give an idea of what these finishes are like, examples you can find at home would be a traditional kitchen sink unit (usually a satin finish) and cutlery (usually polished).

What size DQ Delta radiator should I get? 

Obviously, radiator direction is the most important aspect of picking the ideal radiator, and you’ll notice we have both horizontal and vertical DQ Delta radiators available in different sizes. Apart from them, the common points you should consider when picking the right radiator size include:

  • The BTU you need for the space
  • How much free space you have on the wall
  • Where pipes are located
  • Pipe angles
  • What accessories you’ll need

Double check the area you have to work with to make sure a DQ Delta radiator is right for your wall. If you find that width or height limits you, you can always shop by size to see radiators which would be a better fit.

What heating system do DQ Delta radiators work on?

The radiators in this range are designed to be plumbed with your existing heating system.

If it’s the case that you can’t access existing pipe work, take a look at the fantastic range of designer electric radiators, which includes other DQ Heating products. Alternatively, you can view more radiators here.

Do I need anything special to install a DQ Delta radiator?

Trade Radiators always supply the necessary parts in your order for a normal installation to be carried out.

We often find that when customers are purchasing designer radiators like these, they prefer to replace their old valves with new radiator valves and matching pipe sleeves to give the installation a complete look. You can shop for new radiator valves here and pipe sleeves here.

DQ’s dynamic range 

We love DQ radiators, and when you see their full range we think you will too. If you like the look of the Delta, then you’ll want to browse our selection of DQ Peta and DQ Dune radiators too.

And remember that every DQ radiator available right now comes with free delivery included in your order.

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