Flat Panel Designer Radiators

Trade Radiators are proud to offer the largest selection of flat panel designer radiators in the UK, all available online. Furnish any room with style with these sleek, contemporary radiators built to provide exceptional heat output.

All the designer flat panel radiators that we provide at Trade Radiators are constructed using state-of-the-art heating technology from leading brands in the industry.

Browse and purchase your ideal flat panel designer radiator with ease today.

Sizes Of Flat Designer Radiators

At Trade Radiators, we offer a huge range of flat designer radiators to ensure there’s a radiator for everyone in our collections. Browse sizes such as:

Or, if you're more interested in other styles of designer radiators, why not take a look at:

Buy from our extensive range of sizes now, or view the full selection of radiators.

Modern Flat Radiators Heat Output

The range of premium and cost-effective brands Trade Radiator provides for modern flat radiators will offer your home magnificent heat outputs such as:

  • A BTU rating of up to 11,000 BTU, with radiators featuring BTUs as low as 820 for smaller spaces.
  • A wattage rating of up to 3300W, with smaller flat modern radiators having a wattage of around 240W.

At Trade Radiators, we provide a free-to-use BTU heating calculator. It is designed to help you make an informed purchasing decision about what modern flat panel radiator will be best for your living space. Our radiator specialists can also provide you with advice and assistance in selecting the right radiator for you.

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Reach Out To Our Customer Care Experts

Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us now with any questions you may have about our range of designer panel radiators. Make sure to also visit our advice centre to find helpful articles.

We’re happy to assist.


What style of valve entry points do your designer panel radiators have?

The style of valve entry point that our panel designer radiators will have will depend on the chassis, but we offer base and side valve entry points for most radiator chassis’.

What types of radiator panels do you stock?

At Trade Radiators, we provide the following types of radiator panels:

  • Type 10
  • Type 11
  • Type 20
  • Type 21
  • Type 22

The type of panel a radiator will have is dependent on the radiator chassis and brand.

Do you offer a warranty on your modern flat radiators?

Yes. Every radiator we sell will come with a warranty. Different radiators from different brands will have different warranty periods, so always check if you are happy with the warranty period before buying.

What are flat designer radiators made of?

Most flat designer radiators will be made from a very strong mild steel chassis that is perfect for radiating heat for extended periods of time.

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