Light Grey Radiators

Sometimes it can be difficult to find more muted and discrete tones from radiators, especially if you already have slate, stone and granite shades present in a room. At Trade Radiators, we have the ideal solution for anyone facing this issue, thanks to our unique range of light grey radiators.

We are delighted to offer our customers some new and unique light grey radiators from leading brands, at the best prices you’ll find online. Whether you want a grey radiator to match some lovely slate counters in the kitchen, have a room that would benefit from signal grey rails, or you’re looking for a change from drab old radiators in the hallway with a stone grey vertical radiator, Trade Radiators has the ideal light grey radiator for any space.

Shop today and see which light grey radiators work best for you. If you're looking for a different colour, or a different model, you can view our full range of radiators here.

What types of light grey radiators are available?

Right now, the majority of light grey radiators we have in stock are horizontal and vertical radiators from the tremendously well-made Nordic range. A relatively new range, these are superb radiators which combine delicate design features with a powerful BTU output underneath. Even a radiator as small as the 500mm by 429mm 3 Column will get up to 1566BTU without any issue.

If you like the look of these radiators, we highly recommend checking out our full range of column radiators here, where you’ll find products from other leading brands such as Delonghi & DQ.

Which shades of light grey radiator are most popular?

The type of grey radiator you need will depend on the other tones and colours around the room. Some of the more popular light grey options amongst customers include:

  • Stone Grey
  • Graphite
  • Signal Grey

You can narrow down this page to a specific/ideal shade of light grey using the filter option on the left side of the page. If you were looking for something which leans ever so slightly towards a medium grey finish on the radiator, we suggest looking at some of the graphite grey radiators in stock. They would be the “darkest” light grey we stock.

Can light grey radiators heat bigger spaces?

Some customers with larger open-plan living space, or the likes of offices and restaurants, often want contemporary-looking radiators which pack a punch in the heat department.

There is a filter you can use on the left side of the page to find radiators within your ideal BTU range. If you wanted to see the most powerful light grey radiators we have in stock, you’d want to look at the 600mm by 1194mm 6 column (for a horizontal radiator), and the 1800mm by 609mm 3 column (for a vertical radiator).

A resilient light grey finish

The finish may be described as light, but it is anything but. Nordic radiators are finished to a high standard with the paint able to take some knocks over time without any signs of wear or scratches. It also requires little to no upkeep, only needing you to clean the radiator as normal.

Which shade of light grey looks best in bathrooms?

Stone grey is a good choice in bathrooms if you already have stone grey or white on the walls and feel like chrome or silver may be too intense.

If you're interested in a different type of radiator for a room, then you can browse our full range of radiators here.

Understanding column numbers

Radiators aren’t a product you’d frequently buy unless you’re working in the trade, and you may be confused comparing the number of columns different light grey radiators on this page have. The number of columns will affect your radiator in two ways. Firstly, the more columns you have, the more air the radiator can heat up by covering a wider surface area. Secondly, having more columns will give you a wider radiator with greater projection from the wall.

If wall projection is something you’re concerned about, we recommend opting for single panel radiators or two-column radiators.

Which brands are known for light grey radiators?

The majority of this range would have light grey radiators designed by Nordic. As light grey isn’t a very common radiator choice, it can be hard to find a reputable brand, but we believe Nordic makes some of the best around.

Does my light grey radiator come with everything I need for installation?

Every radiator ordered from Trade Radiators will come with the necessary fittings in the box for easy installation. We do recommend that anyone looking for a complete installation opt for some graphite grey radiator valves from West.

With these radiators having a side valve entry, you may like to give the radiator some foot supports too.

How quickly can I get a light grey radiator?

Standard delivery times for light grey radiators take 2 to 4 working days. Our team will try their hardest to get your order shipped as quickly as possible as we know no one wants to wait around on a new radiator. You can find out more about how we deliver orders across the UK.

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