Aluminium Column Radiators

The Apollo Monza aluminium column radiator is a powerful heat generating radiator that will warm your whole home all year long. The Apollo Monza radiator uses aluminium as the primary metal for the main body of the radiator. This makes this radiator particularly desirable as it is able to heat a room quicker than conventional radiators making them more energy efficient. 

These radiators aren’t just energy efficient, they look great too. Available in a range of styles and sizes they complement any interior nicely. The crisp white colour adds a touch of class to your wall and brightens up the room. 

Because the Apollo Monza radiator is made from aluminium, it has an advantageous heat output. The vast range of sizes also makes these radiators extremely diverse, able to heat any size of room with ease. Find out the size of radiator you need for your room by checking out our handy BTU output calculator which tells you the size of radiator you need to heat your room adequately. 

For more information on aluminium radiators take a look at the aluminium home page which highlights all our world class aluminium radiators. 

Apollo Monza radiators

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