Raw & Lacquered Metal Column Radiators

Always at the forefront of current trends, Trade Radiators brings you Trade Direct raw and lacquered metal column radiators. One of our most stylish column radiators, the lacquered metal style draws on influences from the classic column radiators of the past to create a vintage, industrial-chic look. 


A versatile radiator, the raw and lacquered metal column range is suitable for wall mounting with brackets included or floor mounting with the addition of the optional feet. Not only does the raw and lacquered metal column radiator look good, but it is also one of our most affordable column radiators starting at an impressive £190.

Shop the range and see if a raw and lacquered metal radiator is the best fit for your home. If you're looking for something different, remember to check out our full range of radiators.

Where do raw and lacquered metal radiators look best? 

The industrial-chic style complements both traditional and modern interiors nicely. For an eye-catching radiator place against plain white walls or, for a more contemporary style, why not position the lacquered metal frame against an exposed brick feature wall?

Many customers place these radiators in apartments or larger kitchens.

What is a raw or lacquered finish? 

It is a finish put on a radiator which has been constructed to keep a raw metal exposed. It may have a simple look, but lacquer finishes are incredibly hard to pull off correctly. Many radiators are painted and covered so you can’t see where the joins have been made. 

With lacquered radiators, designers have to be patient and carry out their work so it looks flawless. When it’s done right, as is the case here, you’re left with a showcase radiator.

Are raw and lacquered metal column radiators powerful?

As well as the unbeatable price, the efficiency of these radiators is also remarkable. 

With a BTU output range between 2108 and 7779, these column radiators are sure to keep you warm all year long. Make sure you check out our handy heating calculator to work out the perfect size radiator for your living space. You’ll be able to filter down the wide range to find radiators which fit within your BTU range.

What is a Trade Direct radiator?

Trade Direct is a range created by the team here at Trade Radiators. We noticed that there are many radiator styles, just like this one, which are usually reserved for designer names. That meant many people couldn’t find their ideal radiator as it wasn’t within their price range. We have created a wide range of radiators we believe look just as good as designer names, but at a much more affordable price.

You can get a better deal on a designer style radiator by shopping the Trade Direct range.

Can I get a raw and lacquered metal radiator for an electric system?

These radiators were developed for use with traditional central heating systems. If you’re working with an electric system, or your radiator is going to be installed away from any pipes, we recommend looking at our entire range of electric radiators by colour. you’ll be able to find similarly styled radiators in different colours. 

What do I need to make the installation look complete?

We recommend getting radiator valves which would provide a complimentary finish when you complete installation, as some people believe the regular white cap isn’t the best look.

How long does it take to have a raw or lacquered column radiator delivered?

We aim to have radiators delivered as quickly as possible. Your radiator should be out on next day delivery (if ordered before 2pm) in most instances.

Have any questions about raw and lacquered metal radiators?

If you’d like to know more about this radiator style, or any product we have on site, please get in touch by clicking the chat icon in the corner of this page.

If you're needing another style or finish, remember to take a look through our full range of radiators.

Raw column radiators

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