Reina Neva Designer Radiators

Reina makes fantastic designer radiators. All of our Reina Neva Designer Radiators are made with a chrome finish and come in a range of vertical and horizontal sizes. 

If you’ve been thinking of getting a new radiator for your home or office, these are arguably some of the best you’ll find at Trade Radiators. 

This specific Neva range has fantastic vertical options and larger horizontal radiators. 

Looking for something different? You can view our large range of radiators and get inspired by the many choices of colours, styles and sizes you can choose from.

Take a look at the specifications of each radiator to find the right model for your space.

When Should You Choose a Reina Nerox Stainless Steel Designer Radiator?

A little visualisation can go a long way in helping you pick the right radiator. This range has a chrome finish that will help keep a wall looking bright. It works fantastically when complementing lighter spaces like your kitchen or office area. 

If you have dark walls at home, we recommend looking at our range of Reina Bonera designer radiators that have an anthracite finish that lends itself better to darker tones.  

The vertical radiators within the range are great in bright bathrooms. Even if you were looking for a dedicated towel rail, we do have chrome towel rail hangers available in our accessories section that turn any vertical radiator into a towel rail.  

What size Reina Neva Designer Radiators Should I get? 

For those considering one of the horizontal radiators, they do have a height of 550mm. This is the most common height for domestic radiators in the UK. If you’re in an office and getting new radiators, double check the height as they can sometimes fall within the 300mm-400mm range and that small difference in height might make installation difficult. 

For those considering vertical radiators, all the Reina Neva vertical radiators we sell are 1800mm tall. When buying this for a bathroom or hallway, you should measure the height from where your skirting board goes up to, as that is where the bottom of the radiator would go. 

If you need a different size of radiator, consider browsing through our full range of radiators here.

What Entry do Reina Neva Designer Radiators have? 

All the radiators featured on this page have side entries and are supplied with all necessary fixings. For anyone looking for straight entry, we do have angled valves available.  

Get Your Radiator ASAP 

We want you to get the designer radiator you want, delivered as quickly as possible. Order before 2pm, and we’ll aim to have it delivered anywhere on mainland UK by the next working day.  


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