Reina Nevah Designer Radiators

It isn’t often that you’re able to match the practicality of a dedicated horizontal radiator with the leading design of a reputable radiator brand, which is why we are delighted to be able to offer Trade Radiators customers these fantastic Reina Nevah designer radiators.

Take a look at the current single and double panel models we have in stock and see if a new Reina designer radiator is the ideal fit for your space.

Why buy a Reina Nevah designer radiator?

You might be surprised to know that it is much harder to find a designer horizontal radiator than it is to get a vertical radiator. The market currently has a big focus on vertical radiators and designer towel rails, so it is a delight to see Reina have once again created a designer product in this style.

You would be looking for a Reina Nevah designer radiator when you want a good looking horizontal radiator which provides a reliable level of heat output without compromise. If you're after a different size, colour or even style, then why not look at our wide range of radiators?

What size Reina Nevah Designer Radiators should I get?

The Nevah is a little devious and surprising in terms of heat output, especially when looking at the double panel options. Because of this, if you’re purchasing one of these radiators to replace an older one, you may not need to match them size for size.

Nevah radiators have a higher heat output than something like a traditional horizontal convector radiator, so double check the BTU output you need from the space. If you are unsure about the BTU of a room, use our heating calculator to find out.

What valves do Reina Nevah Designer Radiators use?

Reina Nevah radiators have a side entry connection, so would require an angled radiator valve if you have a traditional pipe connection at home. If you are unsure what valve you need to have, read the Trade Radiators Guide to Radiators Valves.

It provides advice and tips on what valves match these radiators best.

Does it matter if I get a single or double panel Reina Nevah radiator?

Most customers will opt for single or double panel radiators depending on the heat requirements of the room, and how much wall projection they can work with.

The single panel models in this range have a projection of around 88mm, while the double panel sits at 103mm. If you are concerned about wall projection and want a minimally invasive radiator, please have a look at our range of single panel radiators, with other designer options from Apollo and Trade Direct.

What are Reina Nevah radiators made from?

All the radiators in this range are made from steel.

What colour do Reina Nevah radiators come in?

You can choose from Anthracite or White as your finishes. If there’s a specific finish you have in mind which you can’t see here, remember that you can also shop for radiators by colour, including similarly designed radiators available with a custom colour.

Do I need anything for installation?

If you’re opting for a traditional radiator installation on the wall, your order will come with all the necessary fixtures and fittings included in the box.

What other radiators does Reina make?

As one of the top-selling designer brands at Trade Radiators, we are proud to stock a wide range of Reina products. Some of the most popular Reina radiator types in stock just now include:

There's many other types of radiators we have in stock if you're after a different style, why not browse through them?

Get Your New Radiator Tomorrow

With many of the radiators in this range, if you place an order before 2 pm, we’ll try our best to deliver it in mainland UK for the next working day. If you’d like to know more about delivery times from Trade Radiators, read more here on our delivery page.

Want to know more?

If there’s a question you have about any of the Reina products on this page you need answered, call our customer team on 0141 225 0430 (today’s opening hours are on the top of this page).

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